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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 26 March 2020


1:00 National emergency response leaders media conference 

The civil service leaders of the response to Covid 19 address media and take questions about day one of the level four restrictions being in place. 

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Director General of Civil Defence Emergency Management Sarah Stuart-Black giving the latest Covid-19 update.

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Director General of Civil Defence Emergency Management Sarah Stuart-Black giving the latest Covid-19 update. Photo: RNZ

1:30 Youth resilience and support in Level 4 

The Wellington Student Volunteer Army is ready to support the community during the lockdown. Wellingtonians can request help from the volunteer army by filling out a form on the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association website. Tamatha Paul is a Wellington City Councillor and a former VUWSA President, and she’s here to tell us more.

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Photo: Supplied / Tamatha Paul

1:40 What your library can do for you in lockdown 

Do you find yourself with more reading time suddenly? What can you get your hands on to keep the kids occupied? 

Kat Cuttriss is the chair of Public Libraries New Zealand and the head of Hutt City Libraries. She joins Jesse to discuss what your library can do for you while you're in lockdown. 


Library Photo: pixabay

Great NZ Album: Out of My Province by Nadia Reid

2:10 Colin Morris plays new music to listen to in quarantine 

Colin reviews Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band Just Like Moby Dick and from the archives - Jimmy Nail

2:25 Building community resilience 

As we begin the lockdown it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with your neighbours, but that can be difficult due to the physical distancing rules. 

Tim Foote has some advice about how to set up a network with your neighbours, so you can support each other and help those who need it. He’s published a guide on The Spinoff website and joins us now from Vogeltown in Wellington. 

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Photo: Tim Foote

2:35 Your Money Matters with Mary Holm 

Financial author and journalist Mary Holm looks at getting a WOF for your KiwiSaver.

The Government has canned the $1000 KiwiSaver kickstart programme.

The Government has canned the $1000 KiwiSaver kickstart programme. Photo: 123RF

2.50 Emma John's Top TV Binge watches

1.Succession - Neon

2.Line of duty - Netflix

3.Parks & Recreation - Netflix

4 Unbelievable- Netflix

5. Mindhunter  - Netflix

6 Brooklyn Nine Nine - Netflix

7 The crown - Netflix

8 Dirty John - Netflix

9 Nashville - Neon

10 Handmaids Tale - lightbox 

10a. Sex Education - Netflix 

3:00 Prime Minister's media conference 

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern makes her daily address to New Zealand. 

3:35 Eyewitness Swine Flu Pandemic

With Coronavirus sweeping across the world, today's Eyewitness examines another outbreak that captured the headlines a decade ago.

In 2009 Swine Flu was the new virus sparking fear around the globe and, here in New Zealand, several early cases made us one of the first countries affected.

Katy Gosset takes a look at the Swine Flu pandemic.


Lock Down by Sarah

Stay at home, Jacinda says
For the next few weeks and days
Don’t go driving down the road
Keep tucked up in your abode
Learn to like your kids a lot
For the time, they’re all you’ve got
Play a game and read a book
Teach your horrid teens to cook
Watch a movie, chat online
Check that friends are feeling fine
Walk the dog and stroke the cats
Give the husband friendly pats
Lie in bed and snooze a bit
Learn to crochet, learn to knit.
Do your work from home on time
Play charades and do a mime
Clean the bathroom, sweep the floor
Wipe the bench and dust the door
Eat some chocolate, have a drink
Take the time to sit and think
Remember, you will save a life
Someone’s mother, someone’s wife
Someone’s dad or someone’s gran
We can do this. Yes we can.

3:45 The Panel with Wallace Chapman

Wallace is joined today by a range of experts who will also be answering your questions about Covid-19. Email us your questions: