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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 24 March 2020

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1:17 Dr Ayesha Verrall calls for urgent increase in contact tracing 

One of the strongest weapons we have in the fight against Covid 19 is contact tracing. 

Infectious diseases doctor and epidemiologist Dr Ayesha Verrall says we need to immediately build our capacity to track contacts and she joins me now.

Patient samples at a safety workbench for coronavirus testing.

Photo: AFP

1:27 Love and relationships in lockdown 

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Photo: Sophia Elise

Is there such a thing as love in the time of Covid 19? 

If you’ve just started a relationship, how do you maintain it?

And if you’re in a long term couple, but far away, how do you maintain that relationship? 

Sophia Elise is a counselor and relationship therapist in Auckland.

1:35 Getting home to Aotearoa 

Lucy Deane is the eldest of five siblings, and she is trying to get her sister Alice home from London as soon as possible as the coronavirus situation escalates around the world. 

Alice was due to board her Emirates flight yesterday, but that was cancelled and all its flights have now been suspended.  She’s now frantically trying to book Alice a flight, but it’s proving to be almost impossible.

Travellers wearing a mask wait oustside an Heathrow's airport terminal, in west London, on March 16, 2020.

Photo: AFP

2:10 Book Critic

Robert Kelly looks at long novels you can really get your teeth stuck into over the next four weeks. 

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Photo: Supplied

2:20 Taite Prize finalists best tracks!

The Taite Music Prize is in its 8th year in 2020. The awards are named after the late Dylan Taite, one of New Zealand’s most respected music journalists and they recognise outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album.

Music101 host Charlotte Ryan is in to play some highlights from this year's finalists. 

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Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly

3:10 Ann Druyan on exploring the cosmos of her husband Carl Sagan

Forty Years ago  Carl Sagan brought the wonders of the universe  into our homes with his series Cosmos with his wife and collaborator  Ann Druyan. 

Now she's executive producer on a new series that explores scientific breakthroughs about lost worlds and worlds yet to come called Cosmos: Possible Worlds on the National Geographic Channel.  

Ann Druyan joins to us explain how the new series captures the spirit of Carl Sagan and why she is optimistic about life on our pale blue dot.

Cosmos poster

Cosmos poster Photo: National Geographic

3:30 Spoken Feature:


3:45 The Panel with Wallace Chapman

Wallace is joined today by a range of experts who will also be answering your questions about Covid-19. Email us your questions:


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Title:  Migration Of Souls

Artist: M.Ward

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Title: Designer

Artist: Aldous Harding

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Title: So Low

Artist: Jess B

Played: 14:35


Title: Lawrence Arabia

Artist: Just Sleep (Your Shame Will Keep)

Played: 14:43


Title: Holograms

Artist: Tiny Ruins

Played: 14:51


Title: Ethiopia

Artist: Troy Kingi

Played: 14:57