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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 24 February 2020


1:10 First song: MerK- H.N.Y.B.

Auckland based artist Merk is celebrating the release of his new single H.N.Y.B. which he says is an exercise in minimalism. He's about to head off on tour throughout the US, Australia and he'll play two shows in Auckland and Wellington as well. Today he joins us from the Auckland studio for First Song.


Merc Photo: RNZ/Andre Upston

1:17 Call to crack down on "greenwashing"

Plastics NZ and WasteMINZ are putting the pressure on producers and manufacturers who are misleading consumers by claiming their products or packaging are renewable and plastic free when they aren't. Plastics NZ CEO Rachel Barker explains to Jesse why these misleading claims are being made and how they are breaking the law.


Photo: 123rf

1.27 The life of Graeme Allwright remembered

A well known New Zealand born musician has died in France where he was, at one time, a household name. Graeme Allwright left New Zealand in 1948 and is credited with introducing France to American folk music. Dinah Priestly knew Graeme when he was acting in Wellington and she caught up with him on his last visit to New Zealand. Dinah recalls his life with Jesse.

Graeme Alwright

Graeme Alwright Photo: RNZ / Sam Coley

1.34 DIY composting toilets in a time of drought 

While there has been a small amount of rain in the north over the weekend, it is still very very dry. 

People all over the country are being urged to find ways to conserve water and there is the possibility of water simply running out if a pipe or reservoir fails. 

One way to save water is to use a composting toilet, but making one, and using it, can be a bit of a daunting prospect. 

New Zealand artist Thomas Lauterbach thinks an idea of his old friend and accomplice artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser to make a simple composting toilet could make a real difference in drought stricken Northland.

1:45 Great NZ Album: Bic Runga - Birds

Bic Runga - Birds

Photo: Bic Runga - Birds

2:10 TV selections this week - Caitlin Cherry

Caitlin reviews The BacheloretteThe Stranger and looks ahead to the Friends reunion.

The Bachelorette on TVNZ

The Bachelorette on TVNZ Photo: Supplied/TVNZ

2:30 A sexual assault survivor on why many women do not go to the police.

Rachael Elder

Rachael Elder Photo: supplied/Rachael Elder

Harvey Weinsten has been facing two charges of predatory sexual assault against two women, yet 80 women came forward with stories of abuse at his hands. Due to the statute of limitations, many of those cases could not proceed.

It was a similar situation with Bill Cosby - now in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting one woman - despite 60 women coming forward.

In both cases defence lawyers have used the fact that many women did not immediately come forward to argue that they simply regretted consensual sex.

So when we read an essay by Wellington woman Rachael Elder about why she felt unable to report her rape to the police, we asked her if she would talk to us about her situation and what she has learned about the way the system works.



3:10 Barbara Arrowsmith-Young - you can change your brain

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young knows how soul crushing it can be when you just don't get maths or biology or English at school.  She struggled to  understand concepts, abstract ideas and relationships. So she developed her own programme of exercises to stimulate the parts of her brain that weren't firing. Now more than 70 schools worldwide, including New Zealand, offer her programme. Barbara Arrowsmith Young is here to talk about how she changed her brain.  

MRI Image Of Head Showing Brain

Photo: 123RF

3:35 Voices

In Voices today; we hear the story of a man working against the odds to save his severely endangered language.  

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day 

4:05 The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Stephen Jacobi


Music played in this show

First Song:

Title: H.N.Y.B

Artist: Merc

Time: 1316


Great Album: Bic Runga- Birds

Title: Birds

Artist: Bic Runga

Time:  1348


Title: Winning Arrow

Artist: Bic Runga

Time:  1352


Title: Say After Me

Artist: Bic Runga

Time:  1356


Title: No Crying No More

Artist: Bic Runga

Time:  1533