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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 31 January 2020


1:10 First song


1:17 Hospitals are inhospitable for parents with sick children

Victoria University has spoken to the parents and families of children who are repeatedly hospitalised with lower respiratory infections to talk about their experiences. They have found there are a number of failings in their experiences at the hospital as well as other pressures on them. Dr Karen McBride-Henry has led the research and talks about what they have uncovered.

Fit outs at Christchurch Hospital.

Photo: RNZ / Simon Rogers

1:27 Securing venture capital funding in Silicon Valley

Andrew Underwood and Devan Koshal have gone from Wellington to the big time with their tech start up company. They have managed to secure 2.5 million dollars from a venture capital fund to get their technology sold to online retailers and compete with other eCommerce giants in the U.S. Andrew speaks to Jesse about the challenges they have faced along the way and where their business is now at.

Commerce.js co-founders Devan Koshal and Andrew Underwood

Commerce.js co-founders Devan Koshal and Andrew Underwood Photo: © Ian Kobylanski D.B.A. Koby Photography. All Rights Reserved

1:35 Audio Foundation summer series kicks off in a cave

The Audio Foundation's summer series 2020 starts on Sunday. The first performance will be in at the Lava Cave, Maungawhau. There will be other acts all over Auckland throughout the week. Flo Wilson talks to Jesse about what is on offer and which artists have travelled from all over the world to take part in the series.

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Photo: pixabay

1:50 Making New Zealand Home: Dulani Abeysinghe

Each week at this time we bring you stories from New Zealanders who were forced to leave their homelands and have resettled here.

Today we are speaking to Dulani Abeysinghe originally from Sri Lanka. She now works as a social worker at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre.

Dulani Abeysinghe

Dulani Abeysinghe Photo: Supplied

2:10 Ali Ventura on movies and why she won't see Cats!

Ali reviews Little Women, Bombshell and tells us why she won't see Cats.

2:20 NZ Live Adam McGrath and  Esther Swif​t

Adam McGrath is no stranger to RNZ - he's been a guest several times as both a solo performer and with his band, The Eastern. Adam's latest tour is a collaboration with Scottish vocalist and harp player, Esther Swift. They are going to play up and down the country across the whole of February, including a show on Stewart Island on Sunday March 1. They're here today for NZ Live. 

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Photo: Alex Harmer/RNZ

3:10 Nadia Lim - My Food Bag's 2020 food predictions 

Nadia Lim and her team from My Food Bag have been taking a look at what New Zealanders eat and how their tastes have changed and developed as the new decade begins. Nadia is in today to tell us what they've discovered and also to share her exquisite recipe for Pulled Mushroom Tacos with Pink Pickled Onions and Smoky Mayo

Pulled Mushroom Tacos with Pink Pickled Onions and Smoky Mayo

Pulled Mushroom Tacos with Pink Pickled Onions and Smoky Mayo Photo: My Food Bag 2019

3:20 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, Host of Music 101 here each Saturday on RNZ tells us what music events are on around the country this weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow - and of course it's new music day - so she'll play us a track!

3:30 Critter of the Week  NZ Bull Kelp​

This week's critter is the NZ Bull Kelp/ Rimurapa. A taonga species for Māori and an important life line to many rocky shore animals. This giant seaweed is known as the 'forest of the sea', floating effortlessly on the oceans surface while anchored to rocks on the shoreline. Waves pound the kelp and at times can rip it free, it then floats on the ocean's surface carrying hitchhiking shoreline animals. It is estimated that at one time there are 70 million bull kelp rafts in the ocean! Nicola Toki, Doc's Director Operations, Eastern South Island reveals all.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day 

4:05 The Panel with Cindy Mitchener and Gary Moore