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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 24 October 2019

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1:10 First song


1:17 Record sale price piece from living NZ artist explained

Last night a record sale price was achieved for a painting by living New Zealand artist, Michael Smither.

His, Sea Wall and Kingfisher 1967, went for $342,000 at the International Art centre auction. That was more that $50,000 more than the previous record high of a painting sold by a living artist.

Charles Ninow, head of fine art at auction house Webb's, joins the show to explain how these values are reached and why works from artists who aren't alive are worth more.  

Michael Smither's 'Sea Wall and Kingfisher 1967'.

Michael Smither's 'Sea Wall and Kingfisher 1967'. Photo: Painting by Michael Smither / Image from International Art Centre auction catalogue


1:27 Could you run the Port Fitzroy Boat Club?

A special community in a remote part of New Zealand is looking for someone to run it’s Boat Club.  

Port Fitzroy on Aotea, Great Barrier Island, is hoping for a couple to step up to the challenge of leasing their club which is run as a bar and bistro. 

It’s owned by the North Barrier community ratepayers association, and David Speir is one of their members who joins me now to tell us about this opportunity. 

Mussel Festival at the Port Fitzroy Boat Club

Mussel Festival at the Port Fitzroy Boat Club Photo: Supplied


1:34 How big a problem is fraud in New Zealand?

Next month over two days the New Zealand international fraud film festival is on at the ASB Waterfront Theatre.  

One of the films, The Panama Papers, will show New Zealand's involvement in the scandal of tax evasion, fraud, cronyism, bribing government officials, election meddling, and murder. Director of the documentary, Alex Winter gives us a taste of what to expect.

More details can be found here

Judge Taking Bribe From Client

Judge Taking Bribe From Client Photo: 123RF


1:40 Great album: Freddie Mercury Never Boring


2:10 Music Critic: Dianne Swann

Dianne reviews Miriam Clancy's third album Astronomy and plays a couple of tracks.


2:25 NZ Biography: Jack Lovelock

The 1936 Berlin Olympics are perhaps best known as the Nazi Games but it was at this event that New Zealand won it's first athletics gold medal. 

Jack Lovelock broke the world record for 1500 metres and cemented himself as one of our greatest athletes. But he also had a successful medical career, before his untimely death. 

Sports writer and author Lynn McConnell wrote about Jack in his book Conquerors of Time and is here to give us the Olympians biography. 

Jack Lovelock

Jack Lovelock Photo: Wikicommons

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3:15 How much power does the government have?

Simon Wilson Senior Writer for the NZ Herald talks about the powers and limits of government, in the wake of today's announcement to bring farmers into the Emissions Trading Scheme, but on a slower track than previously indicated.

No caption

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller


3:25 New Zealand's history of close election races

There have been some very close races in the recent local body elections. In Wellington City, Andy Foster beat Justin Lester by just 62 votes. Craig Mackle won the Kaikoura mayoralty by just 12 votes. How often has this occurred in our history? What is the impact on the loser? Dr Grant Morris from Victoria University has been looking into this

Don Brash and Mike Moore

Don Brash and Mike Moore Photo: RNZ/Claire Easton-Farrelly

3:35 Spoken Feature 


3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day

4:05 The Panel with Ali Jones and David Cormack