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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 17 October 2019


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1:10 First song


1:17 New Sir Ed Hillary documentary "From the Ocean to the Sky"

Sir Edmund Hillary might be best-known for climbing Mount Everest, but one of his greatest, most dramatic adventures happened more than two decades later.

Following the deaths of his first wife Louise and daughter Belinda, a grieving Hillary and his then 22 year-old son Peter decided to go on a trip Sir Ed described as "from the ocean to the sky" - jetboating up the River Ganges, and climbing an obscure, and then-unnamed, Himalayan peak.

But this trip presented its own unique difficulties

Cinematographer Michael Dillan was along for the whole trip - and 42 years later, he's made a documentary of it entitled "From the Ocean to the Sky".

He joins us to talk about the journey, his impression of Sir Ed, and why this documentary's only coming out now.

Edmund Hillary and his first wife Louise

Edmund Hillary and his first wife Louise Photo: Screenshot/From the Ocean to the Sky

1:27 Classical Cupid with Clarissa Dunn

RNZ Concert's Clarissa Dunn is in studio to play Classical Music Matchmaker! Clarissa will find classical music tailored specifically for you based on your personality.

Today she has some recommendations for listener George, who loves Irish songs and a spot of Beethoven.

No caption

Photo: RNZ

How to submit your own details for Musical Matchmaker:

Email your "dating bio" or details about what you're looking for to

And don't forget to vote for your favorite classical music in Setting the Score 2019.

1:34 Stories from around New Zealand and the World

Last Friday the Best Design Awards took place, celebrating the very best of New Zealand-designed products and services.

One of the BIG award winners was Brave Dave: a fireman toy created and designed by the company Woolkin ... Blythe Rees-Jones is the company's co-founder and director and joins us to talk about how it was conceived and brought to life.

1:40 Great album: Led Zeppelin II 


2:10 Music Critic: Jana Whitta

Jana reviews Joan As Policewoman - Eternal Flame and Kim Gordon - Sketch Artist.

2:25 NZ Biography: Mabel Howard

More than 50 years after women won the right to vote in New Zealand, we appointed our first woman Cabinet minister. 

Her name was Mabel Howard. 

The Labour MP was known for speaking her mind, being an advocate for women, and for the time she waved two pairs of bloomers in the House. 

Victoria University's Jim McAloon is an author and Professor of History and wrote a biography of Mabel Howard. He's here to talk about her life and career. 

Mabel Bowden Howard, 1940s

Mabel Bowden Howard, 1940s Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library


3:10 Link 3


3:15 Your money with Mary Holm

Financial journalist and seminar presenter talks about the best way to invest in shares. She's also giving two talks at the Tauranga Arts Festival on Sunday 3 November. Details are here

New Zealand's share market immediately fell two percent on opening

New Zealand's share market immediately fell two percent on opening Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

3:35 Spoken Feature BBC Witness


3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ella Henry and Steve McCabe