17 Oct 2019

New Sir Ed Hillary documentary "From the Ocean to the Sky"

From Afternoons, 1:13 pm on 17 October 2019

Sir Edmund Hillary might be best-known for climbing Mount Everest, but one of his greatest, most dramatic adventures happened more than two decades later.

Following the deaths of his first wife Louise and daughter Belinda, a grieving Hillary and his then 22 year-old son Peter decided to go on a trip Sir Ed described as "from the ocean to the sky" - jetboating up the River Ganges, and climbing an obscure, and then-unnamed, Himalayan peak.

But this trip presented its own unique difficulties

Cinematographer Michael Dillan was along for the whole trip - and 42 years later, he's made a documentary of it entitled "From the Ocean to the Sky".

He joins us to talk about the journey, his impression of Sir Ed, and why this documentary's only coming out now.

Edmund Hillary and his first wife Louise

Edmund Hillary and his first wife Louise Photo: Screenshot/From the Ocean to the Sky