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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 7 October 2019

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1:10 First song: DOONS Won't You Come Through?

Local Wellington indie froth rock band DOONS released their debut EP High Beam'in early August, and join us today from our Wellington studio to play one of the tracks for First Song


DOONS Photo: Supplied


1:17 Organic contaminants and our groundwater

Traces of organic contaminants - including compounds found in caffeine, pain relief drugs and sunscreen - have been found in nearly two thirds of the country's wells. 

That's the result of the latest survey by ESR into our groundwater, and the first to look into organic contaminants. So what do the results mean? Here to tell us is ESR principal scientist Murray Close. 

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Photo: 123RF


1.27 What can we learn from magma? 

It sounds like a recipe for disaster - drilling into a magma chamber. But the process could unlock the mystery of volcanoes and tell scientists how magma operates. 

Associate Professor Ben Kennedy is an expert in Physical Volcanology at the University of Canterbury and has studied volcanoes all over the world. 

He's doing a free lecture on the subject, and why he's fascinated about it, this week and he tells us more.

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Photo: University of Canterbury, New Zealand


1.34 Anthonie Tonnon performs at new arts festival

Anthonie Tonnon is playing at the first ever Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival which opens this Friday and runs through to the 20th of October. Gisborne region's new contemporary arts and cultural event features hundreds of performers from across New Zealand and the Pacific. He also plays his show at the Nelson and Tauranga Arts Festivals.

Anthonie introduces our Great New Zealand album this week - Successor


1:45 Great NZ Album: Successor by Anthonie Tonnon

Successor by Anthonie Tonnon was released on 2 February 2015

Anthonie Tonnan - Successor

Anthonie Tonnan - Successor Photo: Album Cover


2:10 Television Critic: Caitlin Cherry

Caitlin reviews Fleabag, Atypical and The Good Doctor. 


2:20 Campaign to make pictures accessible for the visually impaired

Social media is no longer just about writing down your feelings, photos are often the main form of communication these days - thanks in large part to Instagram and Snap Chat. 

But what about those who can't see these pictures, how do they get involved? 

Blind and Low Vision NZ is calling for everyone to get onboard with something called the #AltTextForAll Movement to help visually impaired people participate online. The campaign launches tomorrow. Dr Chandra Harrison helps companies improve their accessibility and explains how it works.

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Photo: composite


2:30 From financial mess to financial freedom

Frances Cook is our expert today - she'll be talking about managing personal finance. She's a journalist and podcaster and now an author. The title of her book, which was released just last week,gives a big clue that she wasn't always an expert. It's called Tales From A Financial Hot Mess...The Realest Guide To Money..and how to have more of it.

Frances Cook

Frances Cook Photo: Supplied


3:10 Are you sure your identity is protected?

When Axton Betz-Hamilton had her identity stolen, and  hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in her name, she naturally turned to the one person she believed could offer her advice and consolation. Her mother. She had her identity stolen once too. But Axton Betz-Hamilton discovered the woman she turned to for support was the woman who had taken her identity. Now Betz- Hamilton tries to educate other people about how to protect their identities.

Axton Betxz-Hamilton and her Mum at award ceremony for her work on identity theft

Axton Betxz-Hamilton and her Mum at award ceremony for her work on identity theft Photo: Axton Betxz-Hamilton


3:35 Voices

On Voices today - we hear from two finalists in the NZ Food Awards this year who have taken inspiration from their culture and upbringing and put it into their food. 


3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day 

4:05 The Panel with Janet Wilson and David Slack