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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 9 September 2019

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1:10 First song: Tommy And The Fallen Horses​

Alt-Country, Indie-Pop and Folk-Rock group, Tommy And The Fallen Horses are back in the saddle after a five year break. This week they're releasing their new album Openhearts - Tommy Benefield and John Savage from the band are dropping in to tell us about the new project and give us a little acoustic taster. They're also performing two live shows this week in Auckland and Wellington.

Tommy And The Fallen Horses

Tommy And The Fallen Horses Photo: Supplied / le publicity


1.27 September is Bee Aware Month

This month is all about bees and we turn to Heather Hendrickson who is leading a group of researchers at Massey University who're looking to eradicate American Foulbrood (AFB) disease in honey bees. If the disease is detected in a hive it has to be destroyed within seven days. Heather's lab and team are looking for bacteriophages which are viruses which could kill off AFB.

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1.34 Bic Runga Drive and Waiata Anthems

Bic Runga

Bic Runga Photo: Supplied

Bic Runga is in studio to talk about today's Great New Zealand Album - Drive and also about her involvement in the special album released for Maori Language Week - Waiata Anthems

1:45 Great NZ Album: Bic Runga Drive

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Photo: Supplied


2:10 TV Critic: comedies that deal with tough issues

Caitlin Cherry talks about the new seasons of some comedies that deal honestly with real life issues like depression, abortion and infidelity, as well as a new comedy from the BBC.

Working Moms season 3 (Netflix)
The Let Down season 2 (Netfllix)
Back to Life (TVNZ on demand)
Orange is the New Black Season 7 (Netflix)

Back to Life - TVNZ on Demand

Back to Life - TVNZ on Demand Photo: TVNZ


2:20 Property experts analyse "rent to build" merits

On the back of the government's kiwibuild 'reset' Massey University property researchers are discussing the pros and cons of the build to rent concept included in the changes. David White is the author of the Home Affordability report and together with Professor Graham Squires will be speaking at three events around the country. David White explains what they will be talking about.

The event details are below.

  • Auckland – September 11, 5.30pm-7.30 pm Massey Business School Gate 1, Lucas Creek Crescent, Albany
  • Wellington – September 12, 5.30pm-7.30 pm ANZ Centre Level 18, 171 Featherston Street
  • Palmerston North – September 13, 3.30 pm -5.30pm The Factory, 21 Dairy Farm Road
Artist's impression of KiwiBuild home to be built at Huapai. KiwiBuild is teaming up with developer Mike Greer Homes to construct more than 110 homes in West Auckland and Christchurch.

Photo: Supplied / Mike Greer Homes


2:30 Patrick Gower on cannabis and legalisation

A national referendum looms next year on whether to legalise cannabis. A decision has yet to be made about the exact question, but Newshub journalist Patrick Gower has gone on a mission into the world of weed, both here and in the US, looking at whether medicinal cannabis is a miracle cure and what will happen if it is legalised.
Paddy is our expert this week.

3:10 Sarfraz Manzoor on Bruce Springsteen and Blinded by the Light

As a Pakistani boy growing up in Margret Thatchers's Britain in the late 80's, Sarfraz Manzoor felt isolation and alienation all the time.  Then a friend handed him a music cassette, and he found someone who gave his longing to belong and troubles as a poor,  working class teenager a voice. Bruce Springsteen.

Manzoor's story is the basis of a new film called Blinded by the Light. We'll talk to Manzoor about how a rock and roll legend from Asbury Park New Jersey saved an immigrant kid from Bury Park Luton.

Sarfraz Manzoor and Bruce Springsteen

Sarfraz Manzoor and Bruce Springsteen Photo: Sarfraz Manzoor


3:35 Voices Poly-Cycling

Coming up on Voices -  we hear about Poly-cycling. What exactly is it and what does an octopus have to do with it?

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Mihingarangi Forbes and Bernard Hickey