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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 20 August 2019

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1:17 Council races heating up in Wellington 

Time for a look at the capital! And quite what's going on down there when it comes to local government elections. 

Wellington correspondent and Stuff columnist Dave Armstrong in studio to help us try and make sense of all these different councils. 

Wellington, New Zealand - city aerial view of marina and downtown skyscrapers.

Photo: 123RF

1:27 Tough love in addiction treatment 

Drug addiction, legislation and dealing with the harm addicition can cause communities is a big issue  in Aoteaora. 

What works in rehabilitation and can strictness be the most loving approach? 

Peter Lyndon-James is the Founder of Australia's strictest rehabilitation centre Shalom House. He's also a former addict and inmate. He's currently on a seminar tour of New Zealand. 

Peter Lyndon-James prison photo

Peter Lyndon-James prison photo Photo: Peter Lyndon James

1:37 Potential link between gut bacteria and ADHD 

A study published today has found an association between gut bacteria and ADHD. It's a small study and still early days for the field, but it's an exciting development!

The study was carried out by the University of Otago and the lead author Dr Aaron Stevens joins us to explain more. 

Escherichia coli - one of the many species of bacteria present in the human gut

Photo: Public domain

1:50: John Bluck Serial 

John Bluck explores what it means to be Pakeha in a series of talks. This fifth episode is entitled Hearing the full story.

2:10 Book Critic: Robert Kelly

Recovering bookseller and RNZ producer Robert Kelly has been thinking about why deserts and frozen wastelands make such good settings for fiction. 

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Photo: Used with permission

2:20 Break up songs part 2: good riddance 

Last month we played a whole hour of sad break up songs - dedicated to wallowing in while you mourn the one that got away. Today, we kick off the last phase: Hit The Road Jack....songs to celebrate the END of that relationship... you know...the one you didn't want. At All. These are the songs to dance to, so get ready!

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3:10  Dan Carter: A Perfect 10

Behind every 40 meter kick, every stunning defensive tackle, and brilliant tactical move, Dan Carter worked his butt off. His brilliant bright career as perhaps the great first five eighth ever to play the game of rugby and dark times too. Injuries with heartbreaking timing and doubt about his own ability to overcome them make Dan Carter so much more than a myth. His story is told in a new movie called Dan Carter: A Perfect 10. We'll talk to All Black great, Dan Carter

Nationwide release date for the film is August 29.

3:30 Spoken Feature - Elemental: Cerium

RNZ's Elemental podcast is celebrating one hundred and fifty years of the periodic table of elements. Science producer Alison Ballance and chemistry professor Allan Blackman look today at Cerium.

Cerium is the most abundant rare-earth element, and it pops up in self-cleaning ovens, lighter flints and spectacle glass.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Mark Sainsbury