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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 30 July 2019


1:10 First Song: Bartells 

We had singer songwriter Bartells in to perform a few months ago but now he's got a new and exciting plan on the horizon - he's in to tell us about it and to play a new track for us. 

Bartells - First Song RNZ \ Andre Upston

Bartells - First Song RNZ \ Andre Upston Photo: Andre Upston


1:17 Real skills from a real 'Southern girl' 

What do you know about shooting guns? Can you back a trailer? Or muster some sheep? 

Laura Douglas can do all of these things and she's teaching other young women these, often lost, country skills with her company Real Country

She describes it finishing school, a place to learn resilience lessons, on a farm outside of Queenstown. Laura tells us why she started it. 

Laura Douglas

Laura Douglas Photo: Supplied / Real Country

1:25 Kiwi site Neighbourly attracts more members than Twitter, Instagram

A Kiwi community website has racked up three quarters of a million members, making it second only to Facebook in New Zealand.

It's taken less than five years for Stuff-owned site Neighbourly to hit this milestone, so how did it get there and how does it stay local as it grows? Let's ask General Manager Sarah Moore. 


1:35 Play about corruption, gambling and SkyCity

The Sky Tower looms large over Auckland and now it's also at the heart of a play.

AKL, BABEL is billed as a theatre piece exploring corruption in the city through dance, comedy, and a splash of rage. 

Director and choreographer Amber Liberté is here to explain the ideas behind it. 

No caption

Photo: Supplied


1:50 John Bluck Series: Who Wants to be a Pakeha? 

Today's episode: Different yet entwined.


2:10 Book Critic: Penny Hartill

This week’s book critic, Penny Hartill discusses a few memoirs and through them, suggests they are the best genre for helping us to understand the past, particularly as it relates to colonialism and the impacts of racially based political ideologies.

To frame the discussion, she’ll be talking about Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Witi Ihimaera’s Māori Boy. She will also touch on Helene Wong’s Being Chinese and Gandhi, An Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth​


2:20 Cringeworthy music

We all have some songs that make us whole body cringe. 

This is particularly true for people who lived in a pre-digital era where the radio was always on and you just had to put up with what was on. A new show starts in Wellington this weekend to celebrate these ear worms.

Cringe Worthy opens on Friday and the cast are in to treat us to some of these gems live!

Cringe Worthy

Cringe Worthy Photo: Leo Gardiner


3:10 Ted Dawe on raising enthusiastic readers 

How do we get our kids to read? Especially teenagers. In an increasingly digital age it's important to find ways to make reading approachable, enjoyable and useful for younger readers. 

Young adult author and former English teacher Ted Dawe has been thinking about this for decades and has recently published his thoughts in a piece for the New Zealand Author magazine where he identifies how encouraging reading became his "founding kaupapa" for his career as a writer. 

The book's author, Ted Dawe

The book's author, Ted Dawe Photo: Supplied

3:30 Spoken Feature - BBC Witness

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Fatumata Bah and Tim Watkin