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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 8 April 2019

1:10 First song

1:15 The environmental cost of mining in the Pacific

Earlier this year, a cargo ship ran aground on the reef around Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands. 

It had been loading bauxite from a mine on the island, and ended up spilling more than a hundred tonnes of heavy fuel into the ocean, causing an environmental disaster. The case has put a spotlight on a wider issue, the negative impacts of mining in the Pacific region. 

RNZI senior journalist Johnny Blades has been covering this situation and tells us more. 

MV Solomon Trader oil spill on Rennell Island, Solomon Islands.

MV Solomon Trader oil spill on Rennell Island, Solomon Islands. Photo: The Australian High Commission Solomon Islands

1:25 Tool library 

Who doesn't love some DIY home improvements? But just because you've got the bug to fix the deck this weekend, doesn't mean you're ready to splurge on the all the tools and equipment you need. 

A new community project has sprung up in Auckland to fill this need, to allow people to borrow tools donated by others in the neighbourhood through a membership system.

Auckland Library of Tools opened last week and one of its organisers, Tom Greer, is here to explain how it works.

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1:35 Emily Writes on the stage play of her book

Emily Writes' middle of the night blogging about parenting struck a chord it became a successful book, Rants in the Dark, which is since been turned into a play

After a successful run in Wellington it's now having its Auckland run. She joins us to talk about seeing her life on stage.

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1:40 Great album

2:10 Television Critic Alex Casey

Alex discusses:

Derry Girls (NETFLIX)
Our Planet (NETFLIX)
After Life (NETFLIX)
Killing Eve (TVNZ)

2:30 Black Sheep

2:40 Expert feature: Death

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Today we discuss the first certainty. Dr Stephen Streat is an intensive care specialist and is with us to talk about death and dying, specifically what happens to us biologically in the dying process. 

Morgue, mortuary

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3:10 Why screen time is addictive for teens

Parents worry about  what teenagers are doing their smartphones. But maybe we are worrying about the wrong thing. Social media and unmonitored access is a problem, but instead of focusing on what they're doing on their devices parents need to worry about screen time itself. 

It can be addictive and once teens are addicted to one thing it can lead to addiction of other kinds says David Gillespie. He's a best selling author, writing about everything from the sugar epidemic to fad diets. His new book is called Teen Brain Why Screens Are Making Your Teenager Depressed, Anxious and Prone to Lifelong Addictive Illnesses - and How to Stop It Now.

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