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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 18 December 2018

Short Story Club

This Thursday marks our final short story club, and we're discussing poems by James K Baxter: 

Mother and Son and To My Father in Spring. Both are from Landfall's recently digitised archive

The writer of the best email about these poems wins a copy of Landfall 236: Spring 2018

1:10 First song

1:15 Govt departments found to have spied on citizens

An investigation into government departments' relationship with the security company Thompson and Clark has turned up a lot of interesting, condemnatory, complicated material.

So we've got Privacy Commissioner John Edwards along to help explain some of it to us.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards

Photo: Supplied / Office of the Privacy Commissioner

1:25 Eating to avoid the dreaded Christmas bloat

Christmas is a week away! And that means lots and loooots of rich food.

And while it can be hard to resist that extra spoonful of clotted cream with your piece of fruitcake, such indulgences can wreak havoc with the old stomach ...

Georgia Branch is the co-founder of Hemple - an Australian company which uses hemp seeds to create gut-friendly recipes, and joins us with a few of her favourites.

1:35 Nik Sharma of food blog, A Brown Table

Seasoning can make or break a dish, but it can mean a lot to people on an emotional level too, as a reminder of fond nights out or holidays abroad, or a way of remembering home away from home.

Nik Sharma is a food columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and also runs a food blog, A Brown Table, and he's just published a new book, Season, which tells the story of his life through food.

Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma Photo: supplied

1:40 Great album: Beach Boys - Today

2:10 Book critic James Russell

James Russell reviews some new children's books.

The Zingoshi Chronicles - Dragonfly by Bridget Ellis-Pegler (Published by Zingoshi IP Ltd)

Cassie Clark - Outlaw By Brian Falkner (Published by One Tree House)

No caption

Photo: supplied

2:20 An alternative Christmas musical journey

CeeLo Green and the Muppets

CeeLo Green and the Muppets Photo: You Tube

Jared Mackley Crump, our regular music expert is back with us, for his alternative Christmas music special - with Christmas music you may never have heard before, from a wide range of genres.


3:10 Sebastian Smee - losing our inner lives to social media

Our emotions and thoughts and relationships are the things that set us apart from anyone else.   Art critic for the Washington Post Sebastian Smee calls it our inner life.  But that part of ourselves is losing out to the part we put on display on social media. 

He describes what we risk in the digital age  and raises doubts about our love affair with Facebook, Twitter Snapchat and all their itterations. 

He writes about his concern and his cure in  an article for Quarterly Essay called  Net Loss: The Inner Life in the Digital Age

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel Megan Whelan hosts, with panellists Gary McCormick and Rosemary McLeod