Short Story Club

This week's short story is Two Baristas by Geoff Cochrane 

Email us your thoughts on it before 3pm Thursday to be in to win a copy of SPORT 46.

1:10 First song: Anthonie Tonnon

Singer songwriter, Anthonie Tonnon is preparing for a summer tour - called Rail Land, in which he will travel by train through some of our most stunning  landscapes, and encouraging others to do the same to get to his gigs.

Here's his piece for the spinoff  Rail Land: a eulogy for New Zealand’s lost passenger rail services

Anthonie Tonnon

Anthonie Tonnon Photo: Rail Land 2018 /

1:15 Mental health and addiction inquiry releases report

A long-awaited report has been released detailing more than 40 recommendations about how to improve New Zealand's mental health and addiction services.

The inquiry was established early this year and had a broad remit, including improving access to services among Māori and other groups disproportionately affected by mental health and addiction issues.

Professor Max Abbott from the National Institute of Public Health and Mental Health Research joins us with his reaction.

Minister of Health David Clark.

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

1:25 The science of lightning

What IS lightning? Where does it come from, why does it strike things? What should you do in the middle of a lightning storm? And am I really more likely to be struck by lightning than to win Lotto?

NIWA meteorologist Chris Brandolino joins us to answer all these questions, and more.

Lightning strike

Lightning strike Photo: (Brandon Morgan via

1:35 133 year-old trains found near Southland

A pair of ancient V-class locomotives though to among of their kind in the world have been unearthed near the Southland town of Lumsden.

The local heritage trust hopes to raise enough money to extract and restore them, and hopefully put them on display - if they can raise the funds.

Trust chair John Titter joins us to explain a bit more.

1:40 Great album: Nick Cave: Let Love In

2:10 Book critic Lisa Glass

Lisa talks about the writing of Liane Moriarty - including her new book Nine Perfect Strangers and her daughters make their own book recommendations for kids

Author, Liane Moriarty and her new book, Nine Perfect Strangers

Author, Liane Moriarty and her new book, Nine Perfect Strangers Photo: supplied

2:20 Marek Peszynski - When classical meets the nightclub

The worlds of classical and club music don't often meet,  but in Wellington, they intersect in the person of Marek Peszynski. For the last five years he's been working on marketing for Orchestra Wellington. But in his spare time he's DJ Mazdef, and a well-known face  in Wellington nightlife.

And now he's also the man behind Orchestra Wellington's new venture into the vinyl revival.

No caption

Photo: supplied

3:10 Terri Irwin on continuing Steve's conservation legacy

Passion for wildlife is in their genes and now the children of Steve Irwin are keeping their father's legacy alive at the family's Australia Zoo and other conservation projects.

Bindi was 8 and Robert just three when their father died after being killed by  stingray barb in 2006.

Now  12 years later, they join their mother Terri for the first show as a family on Animal Planet since Steve Irwin died.  It's called Crikey It's the Irwins .

We'll talk to Terri about keeping Steve's mission going and the fight to protect endangered animals around the world. 

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Photo: Sky TV

3:30 Spoken Feature

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Emma Espiner and Jonathan Krebs