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1:15 Sanctuaries New Zealand: Restoring our environment

The annual Sanctuaries of New Zealand workshop will be held next week, bringing together government agencies, environmental groups and researchers to discuss the future of our biodiversity. 

The group of sanctuaries around the country work on projects to protect and promote and restore our ecosystem - whether by eradicating pests or through sustainability. 

Matt Maitland is the chairperson for the Sanctuaries of New Zealand.

Sanctuaries of New Zealand fieldtrip to Riccarton Bush, Christchurch 2017

Sanctuaries of New Zealand fieldtrip to Riccarton Bush, Christchurch 2017 Photo: Supplied / Sanctuaries of NZ

1:25 Moriori life, in their own words 

Yesterday we discussed some of the inaccuracies Kiwis have about the history of Māori and Moriori.

Maui Solomon, chairman of the Hokotehi Moriori Trust, was listening to the interview in a marae in the Chatham Islands. He asked to come on the show and tells us about being Moriori and what it means today, in his own words.

He explains why many Moriori are sick of being used as a "political football" between Māori and Pākehā. 

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Photo: Supplied / Hokotehi Moriori Trust

1:35 Bush Kindergartens - changing the way kids play 

Playing in the dirt, picking up bugs, splashing in puddles - being a kid is pretty fun. 

It's not all about fun though, this kind of play in nature can be beneficial to children as they grow. The more sedentary our lives become, the more important getting out in nature becomes. 

That's the belief of Celia Hogan. She's calling on the Minister of Education to change legislation to allow Early Childhood Centres to be outdoors full time. 

The petition for these bush kindergartens already gained 2000 signatures.

Founder of Little Kiwis Nature Play, Celia Hogan tells us how it works.  

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Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album: MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

2:10 Film Review with Geoff Lealand

Richard Swainson is away for a couple of weeks, so got his fellow Hamilton film buff, Geoff Lealand to step in. Geoff will review Mary Shelley and The Wife

2:20 NZ Live Julia Deans and guests

Julia Deans performs songs from her new album We Light Fire, with an all star band

Julia Deans

Julia Deans Photo: RNZ/Cole Eastham Farelly

3:10 Julie Biuso's mezze and labna (yoghurt cheese)

Julie Biuso is in the mood for mezze, she talks preserved lemons and labna, which is drained yoghurt. Drain it one day and it is like thick cream. Drain it two days and it is thicker, thick  enough to spread. Drain it three days and you can form it into balls and roll in chopped nuts, herbs, spices etc.


Labna Photo: Julie Biuso

3:20 Talk the Walk: The Paparoa Track

New Zealand is soon to get its 10th Great Walk - The Paparoa track. Work is nearly done on the 55 kilometre track. it was the families of the 29 men who died in the Pike River Mine disaster in November 2010 who pushed for the track to be created, it will include the Pike29 Memorial Trail.

DOC's Paparoa Track project director , Tom Hopkins tells us about this new multi day walk and the incredible landscapes that are traversed.

3:25 Critter of the Week The Burgan Skink

Burgan skinks are one of our nationally critical species of reptile, and are thought to only exist in two separate populations in Central Otago.

These fascinating high-altitude skinks have special adaptations for cold, which include using the burrows of weta and giant worms, to escape the freezing temperatures that might otherwise threaten their survival. 

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Photo: CC By 2.0 Geoff Patterson.jpg

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Dean Hall and Ella Henry