10 Aug 2018

Julie Biuso's mezze and labna (yoghurt cheese)

From Afternoons, 3:07 pm on 10 August 2018

Julie Biuso is in the mood for mezze, she talks preserved lemons and labna, which is drained yoghurt.

Drain it one day and it is like thick cream. Drain it two days and it is thicker, thick  enough to spread. Drain it three days and you can form it into balls and roll in chopped nuts, herbs, spices etc.


Labna Photo: Julie Biuso

She says she usually drains it with paper towels. 

"Strain it if you like in a little piece of cheese cloth, you've got to boil that to sterilise it, or a quicker way is just to use paper towels. 

"Line the paper towels into a sieve, set it into a bowl because obviously it will give off a lot of whey. 

"Bring the sides of the paper towel up because if they extend over the bowl you'll be dripping away in your fridge and you won't be very pleased about that. 

"When it's time to turn it out, you just peel that paper back and flop the labna out onto your serving plate."

She says it's got a gorgeous lemony tang and a freshness to it, and can be used with savoury dishes or sweet, instead of - or in combination with - cream. 

"If you've drained it six to eight hours, mix it with your lightly whipped cream, oh the flavour is so improved because you get that little acid bite that cuts through the sugar."