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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 23 July 2018

Short Story Club

On Thursday 26 July we will discuss  Sia Figiel's 'Freelove', which was extracted to work as a short story in the 2017 anthology Black Marks on the White Page, but is actually a part of her new novel Freelove, published last month by Little Island Press, NZ, which is a New Zealand-based community publisher and social enterprise focused on Pasifika works.

A copy of Freelove goes to the writer of the best email about the short story -

1:10 First song: Fables

West Auckland group Fables joins us in the Auckland studio - they've just released their debut EP and are about to do a 16 date New Zealand tour

Jess Bailey

Jess Bailey Photo: supplied/Fables

1:15 Social enterprise transparency

Businesses are increasingly trying to mix turning a profit with affecting positive social change.

But when customers are paying a premium to help to do some good, does that increase the pressure on the business to be more transparent about exactly where and how much of that extra money is going to the "good cause"?

Professor Marjo Lips-Wiersma from the Auckland University of Technology joins us to mull this over

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Photo: 123RF

1:25 DIY solar heating?

For some people heating your house can be a struggle at the best of times - let alone when it's an ancient, rickety old wooden house in the middle of winter.

A few years back Terry Johnson and his partner Mel McMinn were shivering away in that exact situation in Kaikohe.

They hit on an unusual solution involving solar power, 300 beer cans, some thick matte black paint, and a little help from the internet ...

Terry Johnson's solar-powered can heater

Terry Johnson's solar-powered can heater Photo: Melanie McMinn 2018

1:35 Meet Maratus Unicup - the world's newest peacock spider

It's a few millimetres long, performs a distinctive booty-shake mating dance, and looks like it should be handing out drink vouchers outside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Maratus Unicup was discovered last year by Jurgen Otto, and he joins us on the line from Sydney to talk about it

And you can see more of Jurgen's spider photography on his website,

Maratus unicup, discovered and described by Jurgen Otto

Maratus unicup, discovered and described by Jurgen Otto Photo: Jurgen Otto 2017

1:40 Great album: Buena Vista Social Club

2:10 Television Critic Graeme Tuckett

Graeme reviews:

Tongue Tied (Maori TV)

Dark Tourist (Netflix)

and Secret City (Netflix)

2:20 The Pop-Up Globe, Shakespeare, gender, and historical accuracy

Auckland's pop-up Globe theatre company has courted controversy for planning to stage some all-male performances of Shakespeare plays later this year.

English literature lecturer Hannah August joins the programme to offer her perspective

Pop Up Globe

Inside Auckland's Pop Up Globe Theatre Photo: Supplied

2:30 Expert feature: World population movement

The human race is in a period of what demographers call hyper-mobility. The movement of people is greater than it has ever been. We're going to find out why and talk about some of the consequences of this mass movement with distinguished professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University.

No caption

Photo: pixabay - kalhh

3:10 Zero waste guru, Bea Johnson

You've probably heard of the three R's: reduce, recycle, reuse. Zero waste guru Bea Johnson has two more to add to that list, refuse and rot. She refuses to use plastic, even if the straws and plastic utensils are offered for free, and puts composting right up there with sorting the recycling from the rubbish. 

She and her family produce just 1 litre of rubbish a year. Bea Johnson is in New Zealand to share her tips for living waste free.

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Photo: Sees The Day, Inc

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Lizzie Marvelly and Chris Clarke


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Photo: RNZ/Liminal/DoC


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