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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 10 April 2018

Short Story Club

Something a little different this Thursday. Instead of talking about a short story, we are doing a poetic analysis of two songs -Chris Knox's 'Not given Lightly' and Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'. You can read them both here

Zoe Dadson and Sylvain Brousse

Zoe Dadson and Sylvain Brousse Photo: Supplied

1:10 First song: Open Top

Paris based kiwi Zoe Dadson and French musician Sylvain Brousse are Open Top and they are in the studio to talk about their recently released album, Take it slow.

The pair have been working with a range of musicians in New Zealand and their music is a mix of pop, rock and jazz influenced original songs. Their album was recorded in Paris and released in Auckland in December last year.

1:15 My Wahine story

After a long walk around the deck of the sinking Wahine 50 years ago, Sharon Major realised she would have to throw her 6-month old daughter, Sarah, into the arms of a stranger in a life raft below.

She did it quickly and jumped in after, only moments before the ship tipped up and sunk in the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

Today we commemorate 50 years since the Wahine disaster, which claimed the lives of 53 people.

Murray and Sharon major with baby Sarah

Murray and Sharon major with baby Sarah Photo: NZ Post

1:35 Women in plumbing

A Wellington plumbing company, run by a woman, has won Master Plumber of the Year Award 2018.

Hutt Gas and Plumbing employs two of just 22 female plumbing apprentices across New Zealand. 

Its director, Colleen Upton, is driving the charge for more diverse workforces in the industry. She tells us why it's important more women should be plumbers. 

Plumbing apprentice Nikita Ward talking to Chilton Girls about a career in plumbing and gasfitting

Plumbing apprentice Nikita Ward talking to Chilton Girls about a career in plumbing and gasfitting Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album - Woodface by Crowded House

No caption

Photo: Penguin

2:10 Book critic: Rachel Barrowman on Plumb

Maurice Gee's award winning and critically acclaimed novel, Plumb, was published 40 years ago.

Historian Rachel Barrowman who wrote Gee's biography talks to us about this important work and its place in New Zealand literary history

2:20 Music Feature: Recording Studios

It's time for our music feature and this week we're tipping our hat to those behind the curtain of music.

Recording engineer, record producer and multi-instrumentalist Dr Lee Prebble is in the Wellington studio to discuss some of the great recordings and how to make good music.

Lee has helped put together a variety of New Zealand classics from Black Seeds and Phoenix Foundation to Trinity Roots and Dave Dobbyn.

3:10 Amy Chua: Political tribes and America's divisionism.

Amy Chua

Amy Chua Photo: Twitter

Humans beings love to be part of a group. It's what we do. We identify with others who are similar to us culturally, ethnically,  politically. We are hardwired with a need to be belong and also to exclude. We are tribal. 

Amy Chua, best known as the tiger mom who shared with the world her strict child rearing philosophy, is also a professor of law at Yale University.  She says the deep divisions in American politics right now are the result of  tribalism. Professor Chua talks about the deep divisions in America and what needs to be done to create more unity. Her book is called  Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

3:30 Ours - Treasures from Te Papa

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Peter Fa'afiu and Michele A'Court


Music played in this show

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:

TITLE: Take it slow
ARTIST: Open Top     
COMP: Zoe Dadson, Sylvain Brousse
LABEL:  self produced
ALBUM:   Take it slow
(not live)

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:

ARTIST: Crowded House
TITLE: Four Seasons in One Da
yCOMP:  Neil Finn, Tim Finn    
ALBUM: Woodface
LABEL:      Capitol    

ARTIST: Crowded House
TITLE: Fall At Your Feet    
COMP:  Neil Finn, Tim Finn    
ALBUM: Woodface
LABEL:      Capitol    

ARTIST: Crowded House
TITLE:  Weather With You    
COMP:  Neil Finn, Tim Finn    
ALBUM: Woodface
LABEL:      Capitol    



TITLE:  You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
ARTIST: The Righteous Brothers           
COMP: Phil Spector
LABEL:  Philles
ALBUM:   You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

TITLE:  When the levee breaks
ARTIST:  Led Zeppelin  
COMP:  John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Memphis Minnie, John Paul Jones, Joe McCoy
LABEL:  Columbia
ALBUM:   Led Zeppelin IV

TITLE:  Heroes
ARTIST:  David Bowie   
COMP:  David Bowie, Brian Eno
ALBUM:   Heroes
TITLE:  Pure Joy
ARTIST:  Phoenix Foundation
LABEL:  Flying Nun Records
ALBUM:   Happy Ending

TITLE:  Zion's Blood
ARTIST:   Lee Perry
COMP:  Lee "Scratch" Perry
LABEL:  Island
ALBUM:   Super Ape