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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 21 September 2017


Today we will discuss The Fylgja by Emma Neale.

Email us your thoughts, the best emailer wins a copy of her novel, Billy Bird 

1:10 First poem: Poetry Slam

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Photo: Word The Front Line

Word the Front line is the country's biggest poetery slam competition, and this year's winners were four teenagers from Dilworth School in Auckland. Jayden Osbourne, Phillip Toriente, Nathan Su'a and Jai Selkirk perform their winning poem for us.

As part of their win, the boys are heading to Australia for several big events have set up a Give A little Campaign to help them get there.

1:15 Plastic pollution

Ever heard of trash island? The worrying pictures of beaches covered in rubbish and, worst of all, plastic. 

The dangers of plastic for our seas, marine life and environment is well documented but as it collects on islands and landfills away from our view, are we ignoring it?

Scientist Stephanie Borrelle discusses her new paper entitled "why we need an international agreement on marine plastic pollution."

The uninhabited Henderson Island in the South Pacific

The uninhabited Henderson Island in the South Pacific Photo: Jennifer Lavers

1:25 The ethics of predator control

It's been a goal for a long time, for New Zealand to be predator-free by 2050. There are many issues to tackle in the quest to wipe out pests but one that is often overlooked is the ethical questions it raises.

That covers everything from big issues of technologies like genetic modification to what actually constitutes an "invasive species".

Now there's a panel to help answer these questions, we speak to one of the experts heading it up, conservation biologist Dr James Russell, from the University of Auckland.

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Photo: Supplied

1:35 The knife edge electorates

The polls have both Labour and National pretty much neck and neck when it comes to the party vote.

But what about our electorate votes - could we see any sitting electorate MP's ousted on Saturday?

Simon Wilson, the Auckland editor of The Spinoff has been looking into the electorate battles and tells us which one's are on a knife edge.

1:40 Great album: Bjork - Post

Post is the second solo studio album by Icelandic musician Björk. It came out in 1995

2:10 Theatre Critic, Hadleigh Pouesi

Hadleigh Pouesi, the Director of Freshmans Dance Crew, reviews the new Cirque du Soleil show,  TORUK The First Flight - which is on at Spark Arena in Auckland until Sunday.

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Photo: eventfinda

2:20 Your Money with Mary Holm

Mary Holm

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Mary Holm is a columnist, author and educator.

She discusses investment, shares, mortgages, Kiwisaver and other personal finance issues with Jesse Mulligan every second Thursday.

Today she responds to a listener's challenge on index and active share funds.

2:45 The Reading: Me and Gus Stories

We're sorry we can't provide on-line audio of these for copyright reasons

3:10 Short Story Club

Today we discuss The Fylgja by Emma Neale.

Email us your thoughts, the best emailer wins a copy of her novel, Billy Bird 

Claire Mabey also announced that Jesse Mulligan will be hosting the short story club LIVE at Litcrawl in November. People can submit their short stories to be considered for discussion, preferably unpublished. Details in the link above.

Next Thursday Jesse will be presenting the show from Dunedin ahead of the Silver Scrolls, so our short story for the 28th of September by a Dunedin based author, Vincent O'Sullivan; The Families.


3:25 Tell me about your thesis

The fallout from the Global Financial Crisis prompted Bruce Dyer to look at the scope for making his region of Nelson economically self-reliant using Sarkar's Progressive Utilisation Theory (PROUT), an economic theory with a spiritual basis.

Bruce Dyer who earned his Master's Degree from AUT at the age of 75

Bruce Dyer who earned his Master's Degree from AUT at the age of 75 Photo: supplied/AUT

3:30 BBC Witness

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Damon Salesa and Jane Clifton


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1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    Björk    
TITLE:      It's Oh So Quiet
COMP:     Bert Reisfeld, Hans Lang
ALBUM:   Post
LABEL:    Elektra

ARTIST:    Björk    
TITLE:      Hyperballad
COMP:     Björk Guðmundsdóttir     
ALBUM:   Post
LABEL:    Elektra

ARTIST:    Björk    
TITLE:      Army of Me
COMP:     Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Graham Massey
ALBUM:   Post
LABEL:    Elektra

ARTIST:    Eden Mulholland    
TITLE:      Utopia
COMP:     Eden Mulholland
ALBUM:   Hunted, Huanted
LABEL:    Private

ARTIST:    The Swingers
TITLE:      One Good Reason
COMP:     Phil Judd, Mark Hough, Wayne Stevens
ALBUM:   Kiwi Gold Vol 2