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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 12 July 2017

Short Story Club

Tomorrow we'll talk about Black Milk by Tina Makereti - and we’ll be giving away a copy of Black Marks on the White Page, a new anthology of short stories by Maori and Pasifika writers released by Penguin Randomhouse this month. So be sure to read it and email us your thoughts to be in to win,

1:10 First song

1:15 It's Snowing on the America's Cup

The America's Cup endured rain in Auckland last week, narrowly missed the fog in Wellington yesterday and now it's facing snow in Christchurch. The welcoming parade started at noon, with onlookers needing to wrap up warm, due to the big chill that's hit the country. RNZ's reporter, Maja Burry, is out braving the wintery conditions.

Snow in Christchurch ahead of the America's Cup parade.

Snow in Christchurch ahead of the America's Cup parade. Photo: RNZ / Belinda McCammon

1:20 The 'Burgergate' saga continues

The 'burgergate' saga continues, after The Duke of Marlborough pulled its signature burger, over controversial new guidelines released by MPI. There have been varied opinions and some outrage over how to cook medium-rare burgers. And in response, the ministry hosted a workshop with Restaurant Association members and Wellington City councillors to test different cooking methods. Chantal Pillay from Le Cordon Bleu was at the workshop in Wellington yesterday.

The 'burgergate' saga continues.

The 'burgergate' saga continues. Photo: J. Kenji López-Alt

1:30 How to erase a snails memory

In the future we might be able to choose our memories and delete the bad ones. Now that might sound like something from science fiction, indeed it's the plot to films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but could it actually happen? Researchers at Columbia University have been using snails to try and single out memories in their brains and block the routes used to access them, essentially deleting or clocking certain memories. They say in the future the research could be used to treat human patients who suffer from PTSD or anxiety. Dr Samuel Schacher, Professor of neuroscience in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University and co-author of the paper.

How to erase a snails memory

How to erase a snails memory Photo: Supplied

1:35 Sound Archives: South Pacific Travel

In our trip to the sound archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, we are going to head off to the tropical South Pacific of the early 1950s with Sarah Johnston

1:40 Great Album: Band on the Run by Wings

No caption

Photo: supplied

Band on the Run is the third studio album by Paul McCartney and Wings, released in December 1973.

Although sales were modest initially, it became the top-selling studio album of 1974 in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The majority of the album was recorded at EMI's studio in Lagos, Nigeria, as McCartney wanted to make an album in an exotic locale.

Band on The Run revitalised McCartney's critical standing and remains McCartney's most successful album and the most celebrated of his post-Beatles works.

2:20 Bookmarks with Cecelia Robinson

Today's bookmarks guest is Cecilia Robinson, the co-founder of 'My Food Bag' the meal delivery service that started in 2013 and has quickly grown into one of New Zealand's biggest food retailers.  Before My Food Bag she came up with 'Au pair link' an agency for nannies in New Zealand.

She is one of this country's busiest and youngest entrepreneurs and we're delighted she's freed up some time to come and talk to us

My Food Bag co-CEO Cecilia Robinson

My Food Bag co-CEO Cecilia Robinson Photo: Supplied

3:10 Manal al-Sharif: Daring to Drive

Manal al Sharif is an outlaw. Her crime; driving while female in Saudi Arabia.

In 2011 in the shadow of the Arab Spring, she organized protests to support women's rights to drive and was arrested for getting behind the wheel.

She now lives in Australia. She writes about her decision to fight the law that limits the independence of women in Saudi Arabia in her memoir, Daring To Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening.

Manal al-Shraif

Manal al-Shraif Photo: wikipedia

3:35 Are We There Yet

A parenting podcast by Katy Gosset

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Brodie Kane and Michael Moynahan



Music played in this show

TUESDAY JULY 11th 2017

ARTIST:    Amy Shark
TITLE:        Adore
COMP:    Amy Shark
ALBUM:    Single
LABEL:    Wonderlick Entertainment


1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
Artist        Wings
Song        Mrs Vandebilt
Comp        Paul & Linda McCartney
Album        Band on The Run
Label        Apple

Artist        Wings
Song        Band on The Run
Comp        Paul & Linda McCartney
Album        Band on The Run
Label        Apple

Artist        Wings
Song        Jet
Comp        Paul & Linda McCartney
Album        Band on The Run
Label        Apple

2:10pm    Music Critic
ARTIST:    Glass Vaults
TITLE:        Brooklyn
COMP:    Glass Vaults
ALBUM:    Single
LABEL:    Melodic

ARTIST:    Paul McCartney
TITLE:        Single Pigeon
COMP:    Paul McCartney
ALBUM:    Red Rose Speedway
LABEL:    Apple

2:20pm    Bookmarks
ARTIST:    Coldplay
TITLE:        Green Eyes
COMP:    Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion.
ALBUM:    A Rush of Blood To the Head
LABEL:    Parlophone/Capitol

ARTIST:    Elton John
TITLE:        Rocket Man
COMP:    Elton John, Bernie Taupin
ALBUM:    Honky Chateaux

3:30pm - GREAT ALBUM:
Artist        Wings
Song        Jet
Comp        Paul & Linda McCartney
Album        Band on The Run
Label        Apple