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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 12 May 2017

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Next week we'll be talking about a new short story, Alexander, Two by Sarah Quigley.

Email us your thoughts on the story. The writer of the best email will receive a copy of Sarah Quigley's new novel, Suicide Club.

1:10 First song

1:15 NZ Post, Meal Deliverer

New Zealand Post is branching out from delivering your parcels and post, to delivering hot meals.

The company has a pilot scheme to deliver food from 50 different restaurants, to homes in the Auckland CBD.

New Zealand Post's general manager for customer experience and innovation, Mike Stewart explains why.

NZ Post Delivery Vehicles

NZ Post Delivery Vehicles Photo: supplied/NZ Post

1:25 The Fungal Foray

A group of fungus enthusiasts and mycologists have descended on Opononi in Northland for the annual Fungal Foray

The foray happens every year, in a different part of the country, to record what's out there in the fungal world.

With me now from Opononi is the president of the fungal network, Dr DAvid Orlovich, from Otago University's Botany Department.

1:35 New Metservice App: "annoying, unintelligible, too many ads"

Bad weather is lashing the North Island today and the Metservice itself, has taken a bit of a lashing on social media. People are taking to Twitter to complain about the newly-upgraded smartphone app. With some saying the new design is difficult to use, and complaints about the amount of advertising featured.

Technology commentator, Paul Brislen, has been having a look.

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Photo: Metservice

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Photo: wikipedia

1:40 Favourite album: No Jacket Required by Phil Collins

No Jacket Required was Phil Collin's third studio album, release in February 1985. 

It won 3 Grammys and had four top 10 hits on the singles charts.

2:10 Film Review with Richard Swainson

Richard reviews A Dog's Purpose and Get Out

2:20 NZ Live: Loren and Mark

Loren and Mark are from opposite ends of the earth. They met in Nashville, Tennessse 12 years ago - and found  they found that they shared a common interest in Bluegrass music, and the finger guitar stylings of the late Chet Atkins. 

A few years later they also discovered another important thing. When they play together something magical happens.

For the last 6 or 7 years they have travelled the world, playing their particular unique brand of music to and ever growing fan base and they are back in New Zealand for the next two weeks. for info on their tour, click here

3:10 Food: How to make your own Poultry Salt

Bird Salt by Jacob Brown

Bird Salt by Jacob Brown Photo: supplied/Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown, of The Larder in Mirimar, Wellington, has tips on making your own poultry salt, which makes things like hot chips pretty tasty. He shares a recipe for his duck neck salt.

3:20 Wine: Yvonne Lorkin

Yvonne Lorkin talks about the best wine matches for duck

Paryphanta busbyi (Kauri Snail)

Paryphanta busbyi (Kauri Snail) Photo: supplied/Jeremy Rolfe

3:25 Critter of the Week: The Kauri Snail 

Our critter of the week is Paryphanta busby, the Kauri Snail, Pupu Rangi.  

These snails belong to the oldest family of land snails on earth, dating back 200 million years. Despite the name, they don't actually live near kauri trees as the soil around kauri is too dry!

The kauri snail is carnivorous and cannibalistic. Its eats earthworms, insects, insect larvae, and snails.

Only about 10% of the world's snails are carnivores.

Once widespread through Northland, the kauri snail now has a limited distribution in parts of northern Northland and on a few offshore islands.

DoC's endangered species ambassador, Nicola Toki tells us all about this giant snail.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ellen Read and Jock Anderson