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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 11 August 2016

1:10 First song

1:15 Call for more international pressure on Australia over Nauru

More than 2000 incident reports from the Australian-run detention camps on Nauru, have been leaked and published by The Guardian. They detail horrific abuse, sexual assaults and self harm, with more than half of the reports concerning children, who make up less than a fifth of the inmates.  

Human rights agencies here and in Australia have again called for the closure of the camps.

Professor Gillian Triggs is the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, and says so far the Australian government has ignored the reports of abuse and neglect, and wants the international community to apply more pressure.

1:25 Complaints over Anti-fluoride ads

Several science based groups are preparing complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority over anti fluoride ads that have screened on TV3.

The ads were funded by Fluoride-Free NZ,  which bought four primetime ad spaces on July 31.

The ads make some alarming claims, including that fluoride may contain uranium. 

Peter Griffin of the Science Media Centre is among those in the science community concerned about the ads and their impact.

1:35  Decades In Colour

Decades in Colour is back for a second series. The programme looks at New Zealand's collective history, through themes, from the 1940's to the 1980's.

And it is on the hunt for your colour home footage.

Greenstone TV Producer, Alex Reed, joins us in the studio.

If you have footage to share, you can email the team on or call 0800 TV SERIES

1.40  Tribute Show Review
Russell Baillie reviews Lennon: Through a Glass Onion, and touches on other touring tribute shows touring New Zealand.

1:45 Favourite album

2:10 Theatre Critic: Sally Woodfield

Sally casts a critical eye over the 69th annual Edinburgh Festival in which 10 New Zealand theatre groups or individuals are taking part.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Photo: supplied

Geoff Simmons

Geoff Simmons Photo: Supplied

2:20 Geoffonomics: If you can find a lower price we'll beat it. Maybe.

Both Bunnings and Mitre 10 have a price guarantee - if you can find a lower price on an identical item stocked locally then they will beat that price by 15%.

Sounds like a bargain! But our perpetually grumpy economist Geoff Simmons says it's a stunt competition. 

Elizabeth Yates was the mayor of Onehunga borough for most of 1894, the first female mayor in British Empire

Elizabeth Yates was the mayor of Onehunga borough for most of 1894, the first female mayor in British Empire Photo: supplied

2:35  The History of NZ Mayors

The local body elections are coming up soon, including elections for mayor.

New Zealand has 67 mayors, yet turnout for mayoral elections is very low.

Legal historian, Grant Morris from Victoria University has been looking at how the role of mayors has changed throughout our history

To read more about Elizabeth Yates, New Zealand's first woman mayor click here.

3:10 Masterpieces with Bronwyn Labrum

Bronwyn Labrum is the author of Real Modern: Everyday New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s, talks about her favourite NZ object. Her book asks what life was really like in those decades through focusing on the things that New Zealanders acquired and desired, that they used at school, work or play, and that they wore and saw around the country.

She shares her favourite objects from that time.

3:20 Getting girls into Robotics

Every year teams of intermediate and high school students from around the world compete in a competition like no other.  They build robots that play against each other in a match of skill.

The Vex Robotics competitions are held year round, with the winners of tournaments getting to compete at the world championships each April

Among the teams involved is one from Wellington East Girls College - and they're keen to get more Wellington schools involved, and in partiuclar, more girls involved in this field.

Issy Riddell-Garner is a Senior Leader in Welllington East Girl's College's VEX Robotics team, Double X.

3:25 The Expats: James Culley on the Midlands

James Culley moved to Britain to get work as an archaologist after gaining a degree in Anthropology at Otago Unviersity. But things didn't work out, so he ended up joining the British Army, and is now a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

3:30 This Way Up: Drone Worlds

Eight New Zealanders are heading to the World Drone Racing Championships aka the Drone Worlds that will be taking place in Hawaii in October this year. 

Simon Morton dropped in to a RotorCross event in Levin recently to find out what the drone racing scene is all about.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show