1:10 First song

1:15 Phil Wallington on the end of Scout

After just 9 months, Mediaworks is effectively canning it's controversial gossip website, Scout..

The company which runs tv3 and 4, as well as 18 radio brands has announced that it is buying Rachel Glucina's stake in the website - and it willincorporate entertainment news into its newshub site.

Rachel Glucina will be leaving the company.

This comes just weeks after the resignation of chief executive Mark Weldon after staff threatened a revolt..

Television producer and journalist Phil Wallington says it was only a matter of time..

Senior Sergeant Marilyn Stobie

Senior Sergeant Marilyn Stobie Photo: NZ Police

1:20 75 years ago the first women joined the police force

75 years ago today ten women launched a new era in Policing when they began their Police training at the Newtown barracks in Wellington in 1941.

Senior Sergeant, Marilyn Stobie, has been at the launch of celebrations in Auckland today - she joined the force in 1965.

1:35 Critter of the Week

DoC's threatened species ambassador, Nicola Toki talks about one of her favourite native plants, Pingao (known as Pingao in the South Island) -  the golden sand sedge.

Pikao has plays the vital role of binding sand, which forms gentle, undulating dunes. Unfortunately the introduction of marram has meant that it got squeezed out, and marram binds sand in a much tighter fashion, creating high, steep sand dunes, which the  pingao can't live on as well.

1:40 Favourite album; Candy by Hannah Howes

2:20 NZ Live

The New Zealand Country Music Awards were held last night in Gore, a pre-cursor to the annual Gold Guitar awards show being held over this long week end.

Two big awards were announced;  The Best Country Music Album of the Year  won by The Warratahs for their album "Runaway Days",  and  The APRA Best Country Music Song for "Alberta Sun" by the fabulous Mel Parsons who is our guest today on New Zealand Live.

Mel Parsons

Mel Parsons Photo: Supplied

Geoff Scott - Chef

Geoff Scott - Chef Photo: supplied

3:10 Geoff Scott tells us how to cook a perfect steak

After selling his Auckland restaurant, Vinnies, chef Geoff Scott has been doing a series of Cooking classes at Millys, focusing on learning the essential 'important' basics'. he shares some of those tips today.

3:20 Joelle Thompson on NZ's wine regions

3:35 Gardening: Tim Martin on growing winter veges

Ecologist and gardening expert, Tim Martin cultivates a magnificent fruit and vege garden at his Mt Wellington home in Auckland. He has some tips on keeping your garden going through the winter months, and the best things to grow.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show