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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 11 February 2016

1:06 Paul Intro

1:13 First Song  

Burn Baby Burn - The Trammps.

1:17 Tony Abbott And 'Fake' Rolexes - Elle Hunt

Have you heard the one about the 'fake' Rolexes, the instant noodle billionaire and the Australian Prime Minister? Well Tony Abbott and some of his Liberal Party colleagues are in hot water after failing to properly declare a gift of 250 thousand dollars worth of designer watches from a Chinese businessman Liberal MPs have all said they didn't declare the Rolex watches because they assumed they were fakes. Elle Hunt is a reporter for the Guardian Australia

1:27 Doggy Speed Dating - Cathy Casey

It's Valentines Day on Sunday, and a new doggy speed dating service has been set up to help Aucklanders find love. Dozens of Auckland Council Animal Shelter dogs will be looking for love at Victoria Park tomorrow. Councillor Cathy Casey is with us to talk about the love initiative.

1:30 The Book of Everything - Dan Musgrove

Dan Musgrove is an actor and writer. He's probably best known for his role playing Lefty Munroe in Westside and the notorious Mr. Asia in Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud. And now, Dan is playing Jesus in the upcoming play, The Book of Everything.

1:40 Feature Album

Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie.  First released on this day in 1972.   

2:10 Money - Mary Holm  

Financial author and columnist Mary Holm answers your questions about personal finance.  

2:30 Burnt Barley - Pita Mathias  

Peta Mathias heads out west as she continues her search for the heartland of Ireland. And today we join her in Galway town during the Arts Festival, and on the Aran Islands in Galway Bay.

2:45 Food Guest - Peter Cullinane

Peter Cullinane is the founder of the incredibly successful Lewis Road Creamery.  
3:10 Masterpieces - Bryan Waddle

It's time for our weekly Masterpieces segment, and today we're speaking with veteran New Zealand sports commentator, Bryan Waddle. Often called the voice of New Zealand cricket, Bryan talks about his favourite cricket match.

3:25 The Expats - Pania Mowat

Now for our weekly expat catch-up, when we speak with a New Zealander living overseas. And this week, we're off to Melbourne, to speak with Pania Mowat.

3:35 Our Changing World

Chasing the yellow octopus. Veronika Meduna meets a team of NIWA marine biologists as they head off south in search of one of the ocean's most elusive creatures, the yellow octopus. The endemic octopus is one of the key prey species of the endangered New Zealand sea lion, but so little is known about it that the team is taking 100 purpose-built pots to catch some.

3:45 Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about, with Paul Brennan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.