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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 3 February 2016

1:10 First Song

'Heartaches By The Number' by Cyndi Lauper

1:17 Unemployment Rate - Gyles Beckford

The unemployment rate has fallen to a six-year low. Statistics out today, show the unemployment rate has fallen sharply to 5.3 percent in the three months ended December.
RNZ's business editor, Gyles Beckford is with us.

1:20 Drone-Intercepting Raptors - Debbie Stewart

Police in the Netherlands are experimenting with the use of Eagles to bring down illegal drones.  Could our New Zealand raptors offer a similar service?

1:34 Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston

It's Waitangi Day this Saturday. And this week, Sarah Johnston from Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, is going to play us a recording from the 1940 celebrations which marked the centenary of the signing of the Treaty.

1:40 Favourite Album

Who's Zoomin' Who? - Aretha Franklin.  Chosen by Robert Hardman.

2:10 High Tea At The Oscars - Sophie Howard

Next we're speaking with a Wellington mother of two, who's been selected to serve high tea at the Oscars. She's one of 40 people to be hand-picked.

2:20 Roadmap - National Park

Today we follow the New Zealand Road Map to the highest urban township in the nation.  It's on State highway 4 and just 20 minutes drive from two of our largest, and best known, skifields. Tourism is the main industry - 15 hundred visitor beds here, in a town with a population of just 174 at the last official count.  The main attraction is our largest active volcano and her two smaller sisters which sit in close proximity. 

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Paul Brislen discusses a new survey that finds telcos are really bad at answering their phones and it's back to school time, with all the technology challenges that presents for students and their parents.   Our innovator of the week is Marie-Claire Andrews from ShowGizmo which is an app that helps event organisers get conference goers involved in the conference.

3:25 The Wireless

Rebecca Kamm from RNZ's online magazine The Wireless talks about her recent article on Selective Mutism.  An anxiety disorder that renders sufferers unable to speak. 

3:35 New Zealand Society

Hundreds of people flock to the Cook Islands for its annual paddling competition but getting the locals onto longer ocean voyages isn't always as easy. The captain and crew of the wind and solar powered vaka, Marumaru Atua are sailing their wooden vessel to the competition to show it off.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Julie Moffett.

Music played in this show


ARTIST:    Cyndi Lauper    
SONG:    Heartaches By The Number
COMP:    Harlan Howard
ALBUM:    Detour
LABEL:    iTunes


ARTIST:    Aretha Franklin
TITLE:        Freeway of Love
COMP:    Jeffrey Cohen, Narada Michael Walden
ALBUM:    Who's Zoomin' Who ?
LABEL:    Arista

ARTIST:    Aretha Franklin (Feat: Annie Lennox)
TITLE:        Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
COMP:    Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart
ALBUM:    Who's Zoomin' Who ?
LABEL:    Arista


ARTIST:    Fleet Foxes
TITLE:        Blue Ridge Mountains
COMP:    Robin Pecknold.
ALBUM:    Fleet Foxes
LABEL:    Sub Pop

ARTIST:    Neil Young
TITLE:        Sugar Mountain
COMP:    Neil Young.
ALBUM:    Decade
LABEL:    Reprise

ARTIST:    Led Zepplin
TITLE:        Misty Mountain Hop
COMP:    John Paul Jones Jimmy Page Robert Plant
ALBUM:    Led Zeppelin IV
LABEL:    Atlantic


ARTIST:    Unknown Mortal Orchestra  
TITLE:        Necessary Evil  
COMP:     Unknown Mortal Orchestra
ALBUM:    Multi Love
LABEL:    Jaguar


ARTIST:    Sam Cooke
TITLE:        Wonderful World
COMP:    Lou Adler, Herb Alpert, Sam Cooke
ALBUM:    The Wonderful World of Sam Cooke
LABEL:    Keen