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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 1 February 2016

1:10 First Song

'Sound Of Silence' - Anna Hawkins. 

1:17 Beach Babylon Cafe Fire - Simon Holtham

A large fire has ripped through a popular Wellington cafe this morning. Simon Holtham is one of the owners of the Beach Babylon Cafe in Oriental Bay.

1.20 Vanuatu Election Results - Jamie Tahana

Official results of Vanuatu's snap election have just been released. The general election follows the jailing of 15 government MP's late last year. RNZ International's, Jamie Tahana, is in Vanuatu.

1:27 Laneway Festival - Zac Arnold

Music lovers are out and about at Auckland's Laneway Festival today. The line-up kicked off this morning. RNZ National's music producer, Zac Arnold, is at the festival.

1:34 2016 International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration - Joelle Thomson

The 2016 International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration is underway in Marlborough. More than 350 guests from 18 countries, will have the chance to taste more than four hundred different Sauvignon Blanc wines. The event runs until February third, and features wines from eight different countries. Joelle Thomson is the writer of the, author of the Little Black Book of Wine and editor of drinksbiz magazine.

1:40 Favourite Album

Bloody Holiday - 10CC

2:10 The Critics

TV review - Phil Wallington
New Music - Simon Sweetman
Books - Pip Adam
Theatre - John Smythe

3:10 The Other Line - David Andrews

It's happened to us all; that feeling of exasperation when you calculate which line will go faster and discover it isn't the one you're in. There is a science to choosing the right line and passing the time so it feels shorter, even if it isn't. David Andrews shares his discoveries in his new book,  Why Does the Other Line Always Move Faster?: The Myths and Misery, Secrets and Psychology of Waiting in Line"

3:35 Voices

First built in 1999 the Sikh temple in Hastings housed a very small community but now around 1500 Sikhs live in the Hawkes Bay. Is it time for a new temple and why has their population grown so quickly? Lynda Chanwai-Earle is at their Gurdwara or temple in Hastings to learn more.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Julie Moffett.

Music played in this show


ARTIST:    Anna Hawkins (Feat: Lisa Grace Hawkins)
SONG:    Sound of Silence
COMP:    Paul Simon
ALBUM:    Unreleased
LIVE:        RNZ Auckland


ARTIST:    Battles
SONG:    The Yabba
COMP:    Dave Konopka, John Stanier, Ian Williams
ALBUM:    La DiDa Di
LABEL:    Warp        


ARTIST:    10cc
TITLE:        Dreadlock Holiday
COMP:    Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
ALBUM:    Bloody Tourists
LABEL:    Mercury

ARTIST:    10cc
TITLE:        Tokyo
COMP:    Eric Stewart
ALBUM:    Bloody Tourists
LABEL:    Mercury

ARTIST:    10cc
TITLE:        Old Mister Time
COMP:    Duncan MacKay, Eric Stewart
ALBUM:    Bloody Tourists
LABEL:    Mercury


ARTIST:    Polyversal Souls  (Feat: Guy One)
TITLE:        Yelle Be Bobre
COMP:    Max Weissenfeldt
ALBUM:    Invisible Joy
LABEL:    Philophon

ARTIST:    Cactus Blossoms
TITLE:        If I Can't Win
COMP:    Jack Torrey, Page Burkum
ALBUM:    You're Dreaming
LABEL:    Red House

ARTIST:    Phil Collins
TITLE:        I Missed Again
COMP:    Phil Collins
ALBUM:    Face Value (Re-Issue)
LABEL:    Atlantic


ARTIST:    Crowded House  
TITLE:        Twice If You're Lucky
COMP:    Neil Finn
ALBUM:    Intriguer
LABEL:    Universal  


ARTIST:    Heywood Banks
TITLE:        Interstate 80 Iowa
COMP:    Heywood Banks
ALBUM:    Mad music
LABEL:    iTunes