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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 18 November 2015

1:13 Fleetwood Mac - Chris Hibbert

Dunedin is buzzing today, with an estimated thirty 35,000 people tipped to attend the Fletwood Mac concert tonight. One of our listeners, Chris Hibbert, is heading to Forsyth Barr Stadium tonight. 

1.15 First Song

'Tusk' - Fleetwood Mac.

1.15   Germany Terror Alert - Aaron Tilton

Germany remains on alert after fears of a bomb attack. A football match was called off a few hour ago, just two hours before kick-off. Chancellor Angela Merkel had been set to attend the match, along with other government ministers in a show of solidarity with France, just four days after the deadly attacks in Paris. Aaron Tilton is a reporter for Deutsche Welle in Berlin with the latest.

1.20 Recreation Conference - Andrew Leslie

Hundreds of recreation professionals are exploring ways to boost recreation participation at a conference in Wellington this afternoon.  Healthier families and communities are central themes of the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) National Conference. The programme features an impressive line-up of speakers, ranging from conservation experts to sports professionals. Andrew Leslie is the CEO of the NZ Recreation Council.

1.27   Picton Mailboat - Lora Crapper

Well it's happy birthday to the Picton mailboat. She's reached a grand old age of one hundred and fifty. And she's still going strong, delivering mail and groceries to residents. But she's more than just a mailboat. Lora Crapper is from Beachcomber Cruises in Picton tells us why.

1:33 Jonah Lomu – Keith Quinn

Rugby commentator and friend of Jonah Lomu, Keith Quinn, remembers the All Black great who died today, aged 40.  

1:45 Favourite Album

LA Woman - The Doors. Chosen by George Tinker. 

2:10 November 18th - Hamish McDouall

Today - November the 18th - is the anniversary of a suicide bombing in Whanganui. On this day in 1982, a young punk rocker and anarchist, Neil Roberts, blew himself up in front of the Government computer centre. Hamish McDouall was a young man in Whanganui, too, at the time, and he remembers the events of November 18th 1982.  

2:20 Road Map - Haast

We are off to the West Coast for today's roadmap, to an area that is considered to be the be final frontier. The Haast region spans about 40kms from Jacksons Bay to the township of Haast. It's located about 142kms north west of Wanaka and 140kms south of Franz Josef Glacier. It has about 300 residents and was so remote that the only way in and out was by plane or boat before the roads were built.          

2.26 Jonah Lomu - Laurie Mains

The former All Blacks coach, Laurie Mains, remembers Jonah Lomu, whom he selected as a young sevens rugby player to play for the All Blacks.  

3:10 Technology Correspondent - Paul Brislen 

Paul Brislen is here to talk about Netflix, Pandora and encryption.

3:20 Innovator Of The Week - Shawn O'Keefe

Sahwn O'Keefe from Lightning Lab Manufacturing is our innovator of the week.

3:25 Country Life Preview - Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

Country Life is a weekly programme on RNZ covering issues and stories of particular concern to the rural community - and also of interest to a general audience. Cosmo Kentish-Barnes,  Country Life's South Island correspondent, has been covering the Canterbury A and P show.

3:35 Voices - Lynda Chanwai-Earle 

Berhampore school and suburb in Wellington was the first to do many things in the country as well as being ground zero for the bloodiest clashes between the Springbok Tour protesters and riot police in 1981. Lynda Chanwai-Earle checks out Berhampore School's special centenary celebrations and book launch to learn more.

3:45  The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

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ALBUM: Riddim Wise LP
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