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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 17 November 2015

1:10 First Song

'Can I Kick It' - A Tribe Called Quest.

1:10 Weapons Protest - Kate Gudsell

About 150 people protested against the NZ defense industry meeting in Wellington today. The protestors blocked some attendees from getting into the conference this morning. The protest was organised by Peace Action Wellington which says it wants to disrupt the meeting and the business of war. Kate Gudsell was there.

1:15 Motorcyclists Safer - John Lucas

Motorcyclists are 23% safer behind the wheel of a car than non-motorcyclists, according to a leading British insurer. Equity Red Star compared car drivers to car users who ALSO have an insured motorcycle, and found the latter 23% less likely on average to make a claim on their car policy. So, on that basis, should motorcyclists pay less for their vehicle insurance than the rest of us? John Lucas is a motor vehicle insurance expert with the Insurance Council of New Zealand.

1:20 Retro Boats - Don Jessen

Retro and vintage boats are a picturesque reminder of an elegant time past when beauty, form and style ruled.  They are the beautiful classic car or stunning hot rod of the lakes and sea, and they are becoming increasingly sought after by Kiwi boaties. New Zealand has an incredibly rich maritime history and many old boats are alive and well and still plying our coasts and inland lakes. Author Don Jessen has just published a selection of these beautiful boats, and their stories.

1:30 Circus Therapy - Janaya Charles

Janaya Charles has been teaching circus tricks to Aboriginal elders in Melbourne, as a unique and seemingly effective way to treat people with chronic diseases and disabilities. In a video of one of the classes - you can see elders doing acrobatic moves and drumming. Janaya Charles runs the classes- she's here in New Zealand to speak at a gathering organised by the national Māori health organisation.

1:40 Favourite album

The Pretender - Jackson Browne. 

2:10 BBC Witness - The Fall Of The Taliban

Today we go back to November 2001 when the Taliban administration collapsed in Afghanistan. Monica Whitlock of the BBC history programme 'Witness' has been speaking to an Afghan writer about what life was like during that period.

2:20 Great New Zealand Concerts - Rod Stewart 1977

"Rocking Rod" Stewart first hit our shores with "the Faces" in the mid 70s, and returned on his own in early 1977. Today's Great New Zealand Concert is that 1977 visit, including the concert at Western Springs on March 3.

3:10 The Fuerdai - Chris Beam

They are called fuerdai - the children of China's super rich.  They drive Lamborghinis, drink French champagne and flaunt their wealth on social media.  One daughter of a multi millionaire was  photographed  burning 100-yuan notes, another rich son posted pictures of his dog wearing two gold Apple watches.  Beijing based Journalist Chris Beam  says they have everything  but the ability to surpass their own parents wealth.  He takes us inside the world of the super rich in China.

3:30 Our Changing World

Can you tell your spiny half-crab from your horse mussel pea crab? Daniela Maoate-Cox grabs a copy of NIWA’s interactive shore crab guide - and its author Serena Wilkens - and heads to a Wellington beach to try out her hand at crab ID. She also checks in with some small children to find out what they know about crabs, and muses about women in science, wondering if the crab guide might inspire a new generation of marine biologists.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Julie Moffett.