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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 21 September 2015

1:10 First song

Annah Mac - 'Red'

1:20 Turning Symonds Street 'Green' - Dushko Bogunovich 


Uptown. Photo: Dushko Bogunovic

Auckland's Uptown Business Association has put together a conceptual design, aimed at freeing up one of the cities main traffic bottlenecks. The idea is to create a 'green' pedestrianised zone at Upper Symonds St. The association says it will be talking with Auckland Council about the idea. And its aim is start a conversation about how, what it calls a 'forgotten part of Auckland', could be used. Dushko Bogunovich is a professor of Urban Design at Unitec.

1.27   Japan Rugby - Mike Rehu

The international press are calling it a 'MIRACLE'.  That's because upsets like the one Japan pulled off over South Africa at the weekend aren't really supposed to happen in Rugby Union.  It led the Springboks coach to apologise to a nation for the failings of his team.  So how suprised should we be that Japan beat South Africa 34/32 in pool play at the Rugby World Cup?  

1.34 Paper Boat - Alex Mitcalfe Wilson  

Paper Boat is a new film essay. It's a 30 minute film, that follows the journey a book follows when it is published today. It looks at how writers, editors, designers, printers, binders, booksellers, and librarians are expanding the possibilities of writing and publishing. Alex Mitcalfe Wilson is the director.

1:40 Favourite album

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

2:10 The Critics

TV review - Alex Casey

New Music - Kate Robertson

Books - Pip Adam

Concerts & Gigs - Paul Simei-Barton  

3:10 Feature interview - Susan Casey

Playful, intelligent and social; dolphins have been described as an aquatic mirror of mankind. Author Susan Casey explores the myths and the magic of dolphins in her new book, Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins.  The book details everything from moving accounts of dolphins interacting with people  to the bizarre community  in the 1950's who worshiped dolphins   It also details the very real modern threats  from human activity to this most beloved creature from under the sea.

3:35 Voices - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Is learning Mandarin becoming an economic necessity for New Zealanders? The Principal of Wellington East Girls College says it's time to shift our gaze.  Lynda Chanwai-Earle attends the launch of New Zealand's inaugural Chinese Language Week to learn more.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zoe George.

Music played in this show

Jesse Mulligan 1-4pm  

Monday 21 Sept


ARTIST: Annah Mac
COMP: Annah Mac
LABEL:  Big House Records


ARTIST:  Marvin Gaye
TITLE:  What's Going On
COMP:   Benson, Cleveland, Gaye
ALBUM:  What's Going On
LABEL:  MOTOWN    440064

ARTIST:  Marvin Gaye
TITLE:  Mercy Mercy Me
COMP:   Gaye
ALBUM:  What's Going On
LABEL:  MOTOWN    440064

ARTIST:  Marvin Gaye
TITLE:  Inner City Blues
COMP:   Gaye, Nyx, Nyx
ALBUM:  What's Going On
LABEL:  MOTOWN    440064


ARTIST: Disclosure
TITLE:  Jaded
COMP: Howard Lawrence and Guy Lawrence
ALBUM:  Caracal
LABEL: Island Records

ARTIST: Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson
TITLE: Are You Sure
COMP:    Willie Nelson
ALBUM:  Pageant Material
LABEL: MERCURY    472350


ARTIST:  Elton John
TITLE:  Friends
COMP:   John, Taupin
ALBUM: The Country Bears