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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 16 September 2015

1:13 Opening Song

'We Don't Know How Lucky We Are' - Fred Dagg

1:15 Massive Gift - Mark Henaghan

Why a self-made Christchurch couple are giving away $20 million from the sale of their property.

1:25 Whale Researcher - Nan Hauser

Nan Hauser joins us from Rarotonga to discuss her interactions with whales. Norm Hewitt is also there.

1:40 Favourite Album

Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill - chosen by Julie Burgess-Manning.

2:10 Mens' Health - Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper's new health and wellness guide 'Your New Prime' challenges current thinking about men's health.

2:15 Food, Diet And Seafood

Ray McVinnie, appearing at the Whitianga Scallop Festival this weekend

2:25 Andy Elliot

Look out all you Oyster lovers, new to the festival this year , free farmed oysters, these are the same variety as the Bluff Oyster, but produced sustainably in the Marlborough Sounds. From the same company that produces Tohu Wine.

2:35 Talking Food: Buffalo Cheese

Amelia Nurse travels north of Albany to visit a Buffalo Cheese company.

2:50 Comedian - Jeremy Elwood

Jeremy on his favourite eating places.

3:10 Technology Correspondent - Paul Brislen

Paul's here to talk about the future of home landlines, Australia's first Techno Prime Minister and schools embracing technology. He will also answer your technology-related questions.

3:15 Innovator- Phil Thomson

Our innovator of the week is a newly launched company called Auror (ah-roar). Auror helps police and retailers share information in real time to help prevent shoplifting.

3:25 The Wireless Preview - Mava Moayyed

In light of all the social media activism this year (Red Peak, refugee quota, X Factor judges) The Wireless team has taken a look back at one of the first major examples of online activism in NZ.

3:35 Green Blankets - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Lynda Chanwai-Earle discovers why a programme being taught in New Zealand schools uses babies and green blankets to grow the vital social skill of empathy and combat child abuse.

3:45 Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about. With Paul Brennan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show

Jesse Mulligan 1-4pm  

Wednesday 15 September


TITLE: Get it On
COMP:   Bolan
ALBUM:  A Complete Hit Collection 1970-1977
LABEL:  Raven

ARTIST: Fred Dagg
TITLE: We Don't Know How Lucky We Are  
COMP:   We Don't Know How Lucky We Are


ARTIST: Alanis Morrisette
TITLE: Head Over Feet
COMP:   Ballard, Morissette
ALBUM: Jagged Little Pill
LABEL: Maverick

ARTIST: Alanis Morrisette
TITLE: Your House
COMP:   Ballard, Morissette
ALBUM: Jagged Little Pill
LABEL: Maverick

ARTIST: Alanis Morrisette
TITLE:  You Oughta Know
COMP:   Ballard, Morissette
ALBUM: Jagged Little Pill
LABEL: Maverick


TITLE:  Rock Lobster
COMP:   Schneider/Wilson
ALBUM: The B-52's: Planet Claire (Compilation)
LABEL: Spectrum

ARTIST: Bic Runga
TITLE: Blue Blue Heart
COMP: Runga
ALBUM: Birds
LABEL: Columbia


ARTIST: Bob Dylan
TITLE: Positively 4th Street
COMP:  Westerber
ALBUM: UNCUT: Hard Rain, A Tribute To Bob Dylan Vol 2