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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 25 June 2015

1:10 Your Song

These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra.  Chosen by Ange van der Laan.

1:20 Our New Zealand A to Z - M for Matariki

Matariki, the cluster of stars whose arrival - for many of us here in Aotearoa - signals the beginning of a brand new year.  The name literally means 'little eyes' (Mata riki) or "Eyes of God' (Mata Ariki) after the story that explains why these brightly twinkling stars first appeared. 

2:10 Running man - Mark Finch

Mark Finch has created a device that prevents runners from injuring themselves. It's already been tested at a high level - Australian Olympians and even the US military are giving it a go. The ankle device and accompanying phone app could soon be available for the everyday consumer.

2:20 High tea - Laurent Loudeac

Laurent Loudeac and Camille Furminieux are flying to Sri Lanka tomorrow to represent New Zealand at the High Tea champs. They'll be serving six dishes, with matching teas, including a duck consomme infused with tea. It's more a high-end degustation menu than white bread cucumber sandwiches and cake, but the pair hope their unique style of cooking and brewing will be enough to beat the 14 other countries competing.

2:30 NZ Reading - Mercenary Territory

Connor makes the sale but not before an Urupa is discovered nearby.

2:45 Feature album

Before This World - James Taylor    

3:10 The Expats - Faye Gorman

This week we speak to Faye Gorman, who's working as a mental health nurse for the Royal Flying Doctors in Australia's outback.

3:20 BBC Witness - Yugoslavia

In June 1948 Marshal Tito turned his back on his former ally, the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.  It was a dramatic turn of events in post-war Europe.  Witness hears from Dragica Srzentic, now 103 years old, who delivered a letter from Tito to Moscow sealing the split between the two countries. 

3:35 Mapping Underwater Landscapes - Veronika Meduna

The marine reserve around Kapiti Island is one of New Zealand's oldest protected marine areas and an important breeding ground for fish, paua and rock lobster. But the seafloor has never been mapped with 21st century technology - until now.  Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Zara Potts, Jim Mora, Chris Gallavin and Linda Clark. 



Thursday 25 June 2015  


ARTIST:       Nany Sinatra
TITLE:    These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
COMP:   Lee Hazlewood
ALBUM:   Full Metal Jacket
LABEL:  WARNER    925613


ARTIST:       Ahorangi
TITLE:          Pounamu
ALBUM:         Music 101
LABEL:       INHOUSE    1302

ARTIST:      Trinity Roots  
TITLE:         Home Land And Sea  
COMP:      Maxwell
ALBUM:         Home Land And Sea
LABEL:       TRINITY ROOTS    240140


ARTIST:     James Taylor
TITLE:        Snowtime
COMP:     Taylor
ALBUM:       Before This World
LABEL:      CONCORD    723527

ARTIST:     James Taylor
TITLE:        You And I Again
COMP:     Taylor
ALBUM:       Before This World
LABEL:  CONCORD    723527

ARTIST:     James Taylor
TITLE:        Before This World
ALBUM:       Before This World
LABEL:  CONCORD    723527


ARTIST:     Flowers On The Wall
TITLE:        Statler Brothers
COMP:     DeWitt
ALBUM:   The Statler Brothers: The Best Of
LABEL:      MERCURY    822524