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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 26 May 2015

1:10 Your Song

Thriller by Michael Jackson.  Chosen by Guy Pigden. 

1:20 The Critics

1. TV review - Irene Gardiner
2. Books - Vanda Symon
3. Music - Zac Arnold
4. Web - Ele Ludeman

2:10 Mother says school bus driver 'driving like a psychopath' -  Joop Van Herk

West Auckland parents say children pushed the emergency button and jumped off a double-decker school bus as it was still being driven. The Ritchies bus service was carrying students from Green Bay High School and Glen Eden Intermedite on the home run yesterday. Joop Van Herk's 15-year-old son was on the bus.

2:20 How satisifed are we? - Professor Paul Spoonley

It seems that overall New Zealanders are a pretty satisfied lot. Earlier today Statistics New Zealand released its latest general social survey - a snapshot of how New Zealanders feel about their lives. It's a survey carried out every two years among 9,000 people. Just over 8 in 10 people reported high levels of life satisfaction and almost 9 out of 10 felt a sense of purpose in what they did. Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice-Chancellor - College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University talks about how that satisfaction varies throughout the country.

2:24 'Sheep Art' - Mike Bowler

A North Canterbury sheep farmer is venting his frustration through 'sheep art'. Mike Bowler says the farming conditions in drought-stricken Canterbury are so bad, he wanted to make people smile. So, he's taken his sheep and used them to form images and words in what becomes a huge hillside billboard.

Sheep Art

2:30 NZ Reading - St Heliers
Returning to the place where a life changing decision was made, Maura reflects on her choice and the chances it's brought.

2:45 Feature album

Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels" 1989

3:10 Feature interview - James Ward

James Ward is chairman of the bored. He is fascinated by boring things like paper clips and elevators. He's got a blog called "Boring Things I like"  and a book called The Perfection of the Paper Clip.  5 years ago, he started a gathering where like minded people can gather to talk about things no one else is interested in like folding towels and text panels in museums.  The  Boring Conference, has just finished in London amid controversy that it has become too interesting. 

3:35 Flower Of The Underworld - Alison Ballance

Maori know it as pua reinga, 'flower of the underworld' and waewae atua, 'toes or fingers of gods'. Botanists know it as Dactylanthus. It's New Zealand's only fully parasitic native flowering plant, and when it flowers in late summer its musky scent attracts short-tailed bats, which come down to the ground to drink the copious nectar and spread its pollen. Alison Ballance heads to Pureora Forest to find out more about this remarkable enigmatic plant.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Jim Mora, Noelle McCarthy, Michelle Boag and Dr Brian Edwards.



Tuesday MAY 26    


ARTIST:  Michael Jackson
TITLE:   Thriller
COMP: Temperton
ALBUM: Thriller


Artist: Lauryn Hill
Track Name: Doo Wop (That Thing)
Composer: Lauryn Hill
Album: The Misedication Of Lauryn Hill
Record Label: Columbia

Artist: Oscar Key Sung
Track Name: Altruism
Composer: Oscar Key Sung
Album: Altruism EP
Record Label: Warner Music


ARTIST: Rolling Stones   
TITLE:   Mixed Emotions
COMP:   Jagger/Richards
ALBUM:  Steel Wheels

ARTIST: Rolling Stones   
TITLE:   Slipping Away
COMP:   Jagger/Richards
ALBUM:  Steel Wheels

ARTIST: Rolling Stones   
TITLE:   Can't Be Seen
COMP:   Jagger/Richards
ALBUM:  Steel Wheels


ARTIST: Jose Carreras
TITLE:   Some Enchanted Evening
COMP:  Rogers
ALBUM: An Enchanted Evening With Jose Carreras