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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 22 April 2015

1:10 Your Song

You May Be Right - Billy Joel.  Chosen by Jo Murphy

1:20 Music Trivia game 

No clues here.  Sorry!

2:10 Museum Dance-Off - Craig Scott

If you think working at a museum is boring, old dusty stuff, think again. And the Otago Museum has entered an international museum dance off to prove just that. When You Work At a Museum is an online competition where museums from throughout the world submit a video of their staff dancing. Today is the second day of knock-out round one voting. Craig Scott is the Head of Design at Otago Museum.

2:20 Atomic Clock - Ross Hutson

The world's most accurate clock just got even more accurate. And the scientists behind it say it could theoretically 'tick' for 15 billion years. The atomic clock was developed by JILA in Colorado. It's a joint institute of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado Boulder.  Ross Hutson is a scientist on the team that developed the clock

2:30 NZ Reading - KM in the FS

A man is excited after hearing his favourite Katherine Mansfield story on the radio. An insatiable desire to get his own copy of the story sends him to the local second hand book-shop

2:45 Feature album

Vampire Weekend "Contra" (2009)

3:10 Tech News - Paul Brislen

Twitter causes an uproar by introducing "Direct message anyone" capability

Google causes an uproar by changing its algorithm to emphasise mobile-friendly websites

HBO tells Kiwis and Aussies to prove they live in the US or face disconnection

3:35 Eyewitness - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Burundi is a tiny country wedged between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and, like Rwanda, endured a genocidal  conflict between Hutu and Tutsi in 1993. Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears from one former refugee who fled the conflict as a child of 13, and what it took  to make a new life for herself here

New Zealand Society

Tales of life in Aotearoa.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Simon Mercep, Noelle McCarthy, Rosemary McLeod and Selwyn Manning



Wednesday 22 April


ARTIST: Billy Joel
TITLE:   You May Be Right
COMP:   Billy Joel
ALBUM:  Glass Houses
LABEL:  COLUMBIA    436 384


ARTIST: Simon and Garfunkel
TITLE:   April Come She Will
COMP:   Simon
ALBUM:  Round Midnight
LABEL:  CONCORD    723266

ARTIST: Madonna
TITLE:   Lucky Star
COMP:   Madonna
ALBUM:  Madonna: The Immaculate Collection
LABEL:  SIRE    926440

ARTIST: Ella Fitzgerald
TITLE:   A-Tisket A-Tasket
COMP:   Alexander/Fitzgerald
ALBUM:  Ella Fitzgerald: Compact Jazz
LABEL:  VERVE    831367

ARTIST: Dusty Springfield
TITLE:   Mockingbird
COMP:   Foxx/Foxx
ALBUM:  Dusty Springfield: Complete BBC Sessions  
LABEL:  MERCURY    984356

ARTIST: Rolling Stones
TITLE:   Dandelion
COMP:   Jagger, Richards
ALBUM:  More Hot Rocks
LABEL:  ABKCO    844478

ARTIST:  Tom Waites
TITLE:   Jockey Full Of Bourbon
COMP:   Waits
ALBUM:  The Ballad Of John Henry
LABEL:  J&R    91646

ARTIST:  Sly And The Family Stone
TITLE:   Everyday People
COMP:   Stewart
ALBUM:  The Essential
LABEL:  EPIC    986867

ARTIST:  Stevie Ray Vaughan
TITLE:   Mary Had A Little Lamb  
COMP:   Guy, Vaughan
ALBUM:  Texas Flood
LABEL:  SONY    784783

ARTIST:  Black Sabbath
TITLE:   Supernaught
COMP:   Butler, Iommi, Osbourne, Ward
ALBUM:  Black Sabbath Vol 4
LABEL:  WARNER    112602

ARTIST:  Sinead O'Connor
TITLE:  The Emperor's New Clothes
COMP:   O'Connor
ALBUM:  I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
LABEL:  ENSIGN    321759

2:15PM SONG:

ARTIST:  HAIM, Lorde, Q-Tip, Stromae & Pusha T
TITLE:    Meltdown
COMP:  HAIM, Lorde, Q-Tip, Stromae & Pusha T  
ALBUM:  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt 1   


ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
TITLE:  I Think U R A Contra
COMP:   Batmanglu, Koenig
ALBUM:  Contra
LABEL: XL    404292

ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
TITLE:  Giving Up The Gun
COMP:   Baio, Batmanglu, Koenig
ALBUM:  Contra
LABEL: XL    404292     

ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
TITLE:  Horchata
COMP:   Baio, Batmanglu, Koenig, Tomson
ALBUM:  Contra
LABEL: XL    404292  


ARTIST:  The Clash   
TITLE:   Magnificent Seven
COMP:  Clash
ALBUM:   The Singles
LABEL:    EPIC    496253