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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 10 February 2015

1:10 Your Song

"The Shores of Gallipoli". Written by Daire Doyle and Mike Swan. Recorded by Doyler  

1:20 The Critics

TV - Irene Gardiner

Book - Dr Cushla

Music - Colin Morris

Web - Steve McCabe

2:10 The extinction of the Waitaha Penguin - Dr Nic Rawlence

Research from Otago University has revealed new information on a phenomena called a 'biological transition event'. That's where one species replaces another. In this case the animal in question is the Waitaha penguin. For the first time researchers have established when this penguin became extinct, and, how rapidly it was replaced by the yellow eyed penguin. Dr Nic Rawlence, from the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution, and the Department of Zoology at the University of Otago carried out the research

Katherine Corich

Katherine Corich Photo: Courtesy of the University of Canterbury

2:20 UK New Zealander of the Year - Katherine Corich

There must have been something about Kapiti College in the 1970's that fostered a healthy sense of entrepeneurship. Film maker Sir Peter Jackson went through the college, as did the chief executive of Burger Fuel Josef Roberts, and as did the woman who has just been named the UK New Zealander of the Year. Katherine Corich, who founded the international business consultancy firm called SYSDOC in the 1980's, speaks with Simon Mercep

2:30 NZ Reading - Burton's Tour #2

A whimsical travelogue in which the narrator and her companion Burton enjoy a 'tootling' tour through the back roads of England, Spain and India. In this episode they take in the sights at the Thames Festival then head for York and the moors beyond  

2:45 Feature album

The winner of Best Album at yesterdays 2015 Grammy Awards, "Morning Phase" by eclectic american rocker Beck  

3:10 Political Editor Brent Edwards from Parliament

Parliament resumes sitting today and John Key has made his prime ministerial statement. The statement tables and outlines the Government plans for the year. It was followed by Labour leader Andrew Little. Our political editor, Brent Edwards, was there

3:15 Feature Interview

Anne Gluckman spent her 83rd birthday in the Arctic Circle. Not your usual tourist destination. And now she's recently returned from another unusual destination that has mystified the world for centuries, Rapa Nui or Easter Island. Anne discusses her intrepid travels, her attitude to aging, and living well for as long as you can

3:35 Our Changing World

Students from the Koraunui School in Silverstream go on an exploration to find out how one of their local streams is faring. Zoe Studd from Whitebait Connection guides the students on how to measure the health of our waterways, including a macro-invertebrate survey and water quality tests

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Noelle McCarthy, Lisa Scott and Mark Inglis 


Tuesday 10th February




ARTIST: Doyler

TITLE:  The Shores Of Gallipoli

COMP:  Daire Doyle and Mike Swan 

ALBUM:   n/a

LABEL:   iTunes




ARTIST: Tony Allen

TITLE:  Moving On

COMP:  Tony Allen

ALBUM:   Film Of Life

LABEL:   Jazz Village  JV 570032 (via ODE NZ)


ARTIST: Unthanks

TITLE:  Magpie

COMP:  Unthanks (also possibly Dave Dobbs or a traditional song)

ALBUM:   Mount the Air

LABEL:   Rabble Rouser Music RRM 013 (via Southbound Music NZ)




ARTIST: Beck Hansen        

TITLE:        Morning  

COMP:       Beck Hansen

ALBUM: Morning Phase     

LABEL: Capitol 376497 


ARTIST: Beck Hansen        

TITLE:        Heart Is A drum  

COMP:       Beck Hansen

ALBUM: Morning Phase     

LABEL: Capitol 376497 


ARTIST: Beck Hansen        

TITLE:        Blue Moon 

COMP:       Beck Hansen

ALBUM: Morning Phase     

LABEL: Capitol 376497