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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 5 November 2014

1:10 Best song ever written: 'Hammer And A Nail' - Indigo Girls. Nominated by Rob Haultain.

1:20 Music Trivia game 

SONG: Your Move
COMP: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire
ALBUM: The Yes Album
LABEL: Atlantic

ARTIST: Jefferson Airplane
TITLE: White Rabbit
COMP: Grace Slick
ALBUM: The Best of Jefferson Airplane
LABEL: BMG 187102

ARTIST: Fur Patrol
TITLE: Dominos
COMP: Julia Deans
ALBUM: Kiwi Hit Disc 35

ARTIST: Murray Head
TITLE: One Night in Bangkok
COMP:  Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Bjorn Ulvaeus
ALBUM: Chess Soundtrack
LABEL: RCA 355340

ARTIST: The Beatles
TITLE: Ticket To Ride
COMP: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
LABEL: Parlophone 746439

ARTIST: Joss Stone
TITLE: Snakes and Ladders
COMP: Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves
ALBUM: Mind, Body & Soul
LABEL: EMI 866203

ARTIST: Kenny Rogers
TITLE: The Gambler
COMP: Don Schlitz
ALBUM: Kenny Rogers: Country Classics
LABEL: EMI 7 96627

ARTIST: Lady Gaga
TITLE: Poker Face
COMP:  Stefani Germanotta, Nadir Khayat
ALBUM: 2010 Grammy Nominees
LABEL: Capitol 607880

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2:10  Guy Fawkes -  Dr Alex Melrose

It's Guy Fawkes night and time to spare a thought for our furry friends. Dr Alex Melrose from VetCare Grey Lynn Animal Hospital is with us to share some tips about how to keep your animals safe tonight.

2:20  Techvana - Mark Barlow

To be surrounded by more than 800 gadgets, gaming and computer technologies may well be the dream of many ‘techies’. One Auckland couple are helping the dream come true. Mark and Katie Barlow have opened what they say is the first permanent, large-scale, computer, video and gaming museum in New Zealand. It's called Techvana and opened last weekend in Auckland.

2:30 NZ Reading: The final episode of "Pomare" by Elizabeth Knox. The reader is Miranda Harcourt.

2:45 Feature album - Appetite For Destruction - Guns N' Roses (1987). 

3:00  News

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3:10 Online with Hamish MacEwan


At Facebook, Creating Empathy Among Cyberbullying

Facebook sets up 'dark web' link to access network via Tor

What happens when your friend's smartphone can tell that you're lying?

Movie theaters ban Google Glass and other wearables

Don't like that selfie? An app called Photox will give you a photo editing makeover.

Astronaut's Space Oddity cover returns to YouTube

Deadline app uses health data to predict your death

3:30 New Zealand Society: Youth ZEAL

There's a glimmer of hope for troubled west Auckland street kids. Local youth are being trained up to engage with their troubled mates … in a new scheme funded by government. With David Steemson.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Zoe George with what the world is talking about: The astounding escape of the second pilot of the Virgin Galactic Two, as more details emerge; FIFA wounded by an Emirates Airlines decision; what's happening with Ebola now; things have changed. The world's hotspots, not the warlike ones, but the wifi ones, and the very impressive statistic about how quickly our connectivity's changing. The most popular Disney princesses, which are they and why? How your religious beliefs never really change. What to watch out for with the tap & go credit cards - what to really watch out for, apparently. What heavy drinking does to men and women - it's different. The best car in the world at the moment.


In August 2009, long before she became ‘Lorde’, twelve-year-old Aucklander Ella Yelich-O'Connor and her band-mate Louis McDonald joined Jim Mora for a chat and to play a couple of songs live in the Radio NZ studio.