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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 3 November 2014

1:10 Best song ever written.  'On The Border' - Al Stewart.  Nominated by Fergus Blakiston of Geraldine. 

Nga Taonga Sound Vision1:20 NZ Retro.  The Year 2006.

Changes to fireworks legislation and the beginning of a trend for growing mustaches in "Movember". 

Archival audio supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.

2:10  Virgin Galactic - Dr John Dunn

The crash of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft appears to have put the dream of private space travel on hold for a while. Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson said he had hoped to be ready to launch the programme by March of next year. But the company says it may take up to a year to investigate the weekend's fatal crash of what was called SpaceShipTwo, during a test flight over California. Nine New Zealanders are reported to have signed up for a trip into space, at the cost of around 300 thousand New Zealand dollars. One of them is surgeon Dr John Dunn.

2:20  Melbourne Cup - Ron Taylor

For some New Zealanders the Melbourne Cup just might be the one horse race they take an interest in all year. For Ron Taylor it's a race dear to his heart. Fifty years ago, Ron rode a horse called Polo Prince to victory. All the more memorable an achievement as Polo Prince was known for his 'wayward ways'.

2:30 NZ Reading.  Miranda Harcourt reads part five of "Pomare" by Elizabeth Knox. 

2:45 Feature album.  Muswell Hillbillies - The Kinks (1971). 

3:10 A Deadly Wandering

A Deadly Wandering book coverEight years ago, a 19-year-old University student did something that is against the law, but so many people do it anyway.

Reggie Shaw was texting and driving on a mountain pass in the America State of Utah when he swerved and hit another car, killing two people. He is now a campaigner, warning about the dangers of texting and driving.

New York Times journalist Matt Richtel tells the story of justice and forgiveness in his new book, A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention.

3:35 Rangoli.

Beautiful, intricate and it only lasts a day.  An ancient Hindu art form that goes back centuries in India uses sand, colorful powders or flower petals on the floor to bring luck and prosperity.  Lynda Chanwai-Earle learns more from an award winning Rangoli artist based in Wellington.


3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Jim Mora, Julie Moffett, Wena Harawira and Barry Corbett.