1:10 Best song ever written.  Mike Vickers of Nelson has chosen Ol '55 by Tom Waits. 

1:20 The Critics

1. TV review - Phil Wallington.  The Brokenwood Mysteries

2. Books - Cushla McKinney.  The Bone Clocks, David Mitchell's sixth novel.

3 Music - Colin Morris. 

2:10 Technology Review.  With Ben Gracewood. 

2:20 Coke's 1985 Marketing Blunder - Alan Johnston.  In 1985 the fizzy drinks company changed its secret recipe. The public backlash against the new taste surprised everyone. Eventually, the bosses gave in and brought back the old Coca-Cola.

2:30 NZ Reading.  Episode two of  'Shaping Up'  - Elspeth Sandy's (Sands) light hearted drama looking at life in a women's gym.

2:45 Feature album.  Harvest - Neil Young (1972). 

3:10 Feature guest.  Dr Dilip Joseph, the former Taliban hostage.  

3:30 3D Bioprinting.  Ruth Beran.  In the future, biological material like a new knee or hip could be printed. Tim Woodfield and Ben Schon have a 3D bioprinter which they are developing to print tissue like cartilage, or bone, using a patient's own cells to replace damaged tissue. The technology may one day be used in surgery, and Ruth Beran goes to the University of Otago, Christchurch to see the printer in action.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Simon Mercep, Zara Potts, Nevil Gibson and Vicki Hyde.