1:10 Best song ever written.  'Little Things' Trinity Roots.  Chosen by Ian Purves of Wild Earth Nature Park in Golden Bay.

1:20 Simon's A to Z.  Foxton.  Including a chat with Tony Hunt from the Flax Stripper MuseumDr Mike Joy talks about the state of the Manawatu River at the Foxton Loop.  And Matt Wilson, one of 10 Wellington investors who saved the iconic soda brand, Foxton Fizz.         

2:10 Rockquest Entrant.  Georgia Lines will be competing against other young musicians from throughout the country in this weekend's finals of the annual Smokefree Rockquest competition.

2:20 Sled Dogs.  Michelle Attwood.  This weekend Christchurch sees the second ever IceFest.  Among the highlights is what is being called a family friendly dog sled racing event. 

2:30 NZ Reading.  Our story today  celebrates the World of Wearable Arts. 

2:45 Feature album.  'Greetings from California' - the debut  album by American pop rock duo, The Madden Brothers.

3:10 World of Wearable Art.  Simon talks to Australian set decorator Beverley Dunn, who is an international guest judge for the awards.

3:20 Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family - Veronika Meduna.
The mighty T. rex is the most famous member of the Tyrannosaurus family, but these ferocious dinosaurs came in all sizes. Veronika Meduna gets a preview of the Tyrannosaurus - Meet the Family exhibition which opens at Te Papa this Saturday (27 September).

3:35 'Friends' - 20th anniversary of its premiere - BBC Witness
In September 1994 a new show called Friends hit American TV screens. It was based on the lives of six 20-something New Yorkers and became one of the most successful comedies of all time, syndicated around the world. Farhana Haider has been speaking to one of the shows creators Kevin Bright.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show.  Zara Potts, Jim Mora, Jane Clifton and Tony Doe talk about what the world is talking about.