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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 26 August 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written - Catherine Nola of Auckland nominated 'Roads' by Portishead.
1:20  The Critics
TV - Phil Wallington

Books - Cushla McKinney - 'The Facades'  by Eric Lundgren.
Music - Colin Morris

ARTIST: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers                
TITLE:    Burnt Out Town                
COMP:  Tom Petty
DUR:     2' 57"
ALBUM:  Hypnotic Eye  -  Track 10
LABEL:   Warner 9362 493730

ARTIST: The City Boys Allstars
TITLE:    Testimony                                                           
COMP:  Jamie Robbie Robertson                                               
DUR:      5' 31"
ALBUM:  Blinded By The Night
LABEL:  City Boys.

Web - Ele Ludemann

Winnie the Pooh's wisdom:

10 rules of packing:
2:10 Fielding man Perry Newburn is planning on breaking the world record for running across America. He's planning on clocking up 100 kilometres a day and will be celebrating his 60th birthday somewhere between Texas and New Mexico.
2:20  Ngaruawahia High School found itself at crisis point last year as its school roll declined to an all time low. But the teachers and students have pulled together to stage a school production unlike any other. The play "Born of Greatness' is a glimpse into the history of the community itself and as it reflects on history, it brings hope and unity to a community that still has a lot of challenges to face.  
2:30  NZ Reading - Part Seven of 'Tuvalu' by Andrew O'Connor
BOOK: Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor  Pub: Allen and Unwin ISBN -1741148715

2:45  Feature Album -  Cameo - Dusty Springfield  (1973)     

3:10  Feature Interview - John Ahern - More than one person has called aussie, John Ahern crazy. He quit his corporate job, and with his wife and two kids under the age of five took off in a slightly used campervan for a year long holiday around the world.  After 30 countries and more than one plumbing drama . John says his priorities have changed.  He shares his stories from the road.

3:30  Close Shave with New Zealand Sea Lion - Alison Ballance: Having a close shave with a New Zealand sea lion is all part of a day's work for University of Otago marine biologist Lucy Jack. As Alison Ballance finds out, in an effort to compare coastal food webs from today with those from the past, Lucy is collecting sea lion fur using a cheap razor and she is using that fur to work out where in the marine food webs sea lions are feeding.
INTERACTIVE DETAILS: Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show: Julie Moffett with what the world's talking about today: Breakfast, the most important meal of the day... or is it? Royals, a rock song... or is it? How much the average tech worker makes in San Francisco. The best cheese for a pizza... it's been decided.