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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 5 August 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Jo Neilson of Wellington nominated 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers.

1:20  The Critics
TV - Irene Gardiner

Nothing Trivial Finale - TV ONE Sunday night at 8.30pm...
Nigel Latta - TV ONE, Tuesday nights at 9.30pm...
Californication, last Thursday night, FOUR
Books        Graham Beattie
"Retro Caravans: Vantastic Kiwi Collections" by Don Jessen
"Cardboard Cathedral" by Andrew Barrie:  Photographs by Bridgit Anderson & Stephen Goodenough

Music        Colin Morris

ARTIST:   LatinAotearoa
TITLE:      Pina Colada
COMP:    Issac Aesilla
ALBUM:   Sonido De Latinaotearoa  - Track1
LABEL:    Muchoarohamusic

ARTIST:   Chris Smither    
TITLE:      Rosalie        
COMP:    Chris Smither          
ALBUM:   It Ain't Easy  - Track 5
LABEL:    Southbound            

Web        Ben Gracewood
BadUSB - do we need to treat all USB devices like hypodermic needles?

2:10 Inspirational Athlete  - Russell Watts: How motorcycle rally accident changed life for Taupo's Russell Watts, whose since fought back to represent New Zealand as a para-athlete at the World Triathlon Championships.

2:20  Zombie Flick - Shane Sutherland: Well it seems we can't get enough of a good zombie film, and New Zealander's are getting together to make sure the genre reaches our local screens.
Blood, guts and a lot of special effects are what's needed to bring the dead alive. One such person is Shane Sutherland, who's a store man and truck driver, and has the people of Blenheim together to come up with ways to make zombies live again on our screens. Last night his work was shown at a screening at Top Town Cinemas in Blenheim.

2:30  NZ Reading: The final episode of  'Naked in Budapest', written and read by Heather Hapeta.
Heather visits Egypt and is surprised when a young Egyptian man takes a romantic interest in her.
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Human Stories 2 ATMOS266 ©  Atmosphere Music Ltd  Tk. 10 Simple Chain of Events  by Mark Sayer-Wade. The Voice  KPM428 ©  KPM Tk. 4 The Saffron Trail by  Kevin Malpass
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2:45  Feature Album -  Cargo - Men at Work (1983)    

3:10 Feature Interview - Will Bowen - We talk to a man who has a challenge for you... go 21 days without complaining... about the weather... your partner's snoring... no complaints for 21 days. Will Bowen tells us how 10 million people around the world have signed up for his challenge and why he thinks whinging is so bad for your mental health.

3:30  Bug Hotels - Alison Ballance: Entomologist Rob Cruikshank and landscape architect Neil Challenger have challenged Lincoln University architecture students to design and build 'bug hotels', which ecology students monitor to see what kinds of bugs are moving in. Alison Ballance joins the pair for a walk to see some of the eclectic insect residences, which have been installed around the Lincoln campus.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Julie Moffett with what the world's talking about today: The Margaret Thatcher gene and what it enables you to do; the importance of working near a window. the propulsion discovery that could change everything in space travel; the interesting discovery regarding melting arctic lakes and the man fired from his job because of a blog about homophones. Penguins used to be really big, and the social networks of cows.