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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 24 July 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written - Sebastian Dudding of Auckland nominated 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone

1:20   Our New Zealand A to Z takes us to Deep Cove - one of the most remote parts of Doubtful Sound. Our tour guides are: Paul Gay and Ian Frew.    

2:10 Phoenix Need A Sellout - Rob Morrison:The Wellington Phoenix football side produced the result their fans wanted at Eden Park last night, beating the visiting English Premier league side West Ham 2-1. But are the crowds her good enough for the Phoenix owners, who bankrolled the Football United tour with West Ham and Newcastle United. Simon talks with Wellington Phoenix chairman, Rob Morrison,

2:20 The World's Toughest Foot Race - Glenn Sutton: Dunedin runner Glenn Sutton has just finished what's described as the world's toughest foot race. The Badwater 135 is a 217km endurance race, and it's held in what organisers say is the hottest place on the planet. Glenn was the only New Zealander in the race, and came in at 33rd position, after more than 36 hours on the run across the searing Californian desert. Simon talks with Glenn Sutton from Lone Pine in California, which is near to where the race finished.

2:30  NZ Reading: Mick Rose reads  'Night Shift', the fourth part of 'Telegraph Tales' by J Edward Brown
'Celebrity Tune'  from  Hot Big Band Jazz. Carlin  CAS 024

2:45  Feature Album -  The Yes Album - Yes (1971)

3:10 Flying Home in a Piper - David Murray likes flying. The 34 year old pilot likes it so much he was happy to take 43 hours to fly from Perth to Lake Tekapo. David achieved the feat in his 1959 Piper Pacer, apparently joining a select few to have flown across the Tasman in this two seater fixed wing plane.
David's also raising funds for the Make a Wish Foundation.

3:20  Flora Find App - Alison Ballance: A new University of Otago app for iPhones and iPads is revolutionising native plant identification. Alison Ballance finds out how a smart phone user can now take a quick photo of a leaf while they're out and about, and use the Flora Finder app to find the most likely match.
Info - the Flora Finder app is available in iTunes.

3:30 The Last Days of British Rule in India - Lucy Burns of BBC Witness
 In the summer of 1947 India declared independence after hundreds of years of British rule. English-born Anne Wright had moved there when she was a child. She speaks to Witness about life in the last days of British India.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show -Julie Moffett with what the world's talking about today:  The start of the Commonwealth Games; the ancient empire of Tonga; anatomy is destiny, new research confirming it; America's unhappiest city; be careful of your bathroom shower when  you step into the cubicle; are we falling out of love with McDonalds? And how your dog gets jealous. report's out, contrasting the way we were with the way we are in 2014. Maori Language Week, and how far do we need to go with our own speaking of the words? Should TVNZ use Mike Hosking in its election debates? (Your thoughts on that, or any of our topics, welcome - 2101 the best bet at this stage of the day, but also The millionaires of Manhattan, young women playing rugby in men's teams, and the world's biggest shopping mall.