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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 10 July 2014

1:10 Best song ever written
Greenstone by Emma Paki Chosen by Helen Hancox from Wellington.

1:20 Simon's A to Z

2:10 Prison History
Whips, shanks, shackles, and execution records are now on display in Wellington, as the Department of Corrections opens the vaults of New Zealand's history of incarceration.  The newly opened Heritage Centre showcases artifacts dating back to the mid 19th century - when "cat o' nine tails" and hangings were still used in sentencing.

2:20 Cheerleading Champs
You may think that cheerleading is just about the pom poms...  but two groups of cheerleaders from Tauranga have won their chance to compete in Las Vegas, and show people there's much more to the sport. The Bay Twisters Cheerleading Club competed for the first time at The Boom, in Auckland last weekend, where they managed to secure their place in the international competition.

2:30 NZ Reading
Part four of 'Juggling with Mandarins' by V.M. Jones - read by Matt Whelan.
After a life-time of being unhappy with his father's constant push to win, 13 year old Pip has discovered he too has a driving urge... And has a new confidence in today's episode of 'Juggling with Mandarins'.

2:45 Feature album
Come on Over (1997) Shania Twain

3:10 Edinburgh bound
You may wonder what Maori and Italian have in common. Well, the languages, food, and customs of the cultures are brought together through drama, comedy, and song in a New Zealand play now heading to the Edinburgh Festival. Award winning playwrights Rob Mokaraka and Paulo Rotondo spent five years researching for their production 'Strange Resting Places' - a World War Two story set in Monte Casino - which finds universal connections between otherwise alien cultures. The prestigious Edinburgh festival starts next month.

3:20 Science Festival
From virtual reality games to marshmallow-firing bazookas made from a vacuum cleaner, the International Science Festival in Dunedin is a hit with both kids and adults. Alison Ballance investigates some of the explosive action.

3:30 The Rainbow Warrior
In July 1985 the Greenpeace campaign ship, the Rainbow Warrior, was bombed by French agents in New Zealand. One environmentalist on board was killed and the boat sank. Pete Wilcox was the Rainbow Warrior's captain and he spoke to Claire Bowes in 2010.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Julie Moffet
What The World's Talking About: Mick Jagger being blamed for Brazil's loss to Germany; I'm not sure he attended the Holland/Argentina game. The birth control microchip from Bill Gates - the conception revolution. This would make most of the apps we use seem very frivolous - the Israelis have got one that warns against incoming rockets. When do men become invisible? Women have had to put up with these assessments for a long time of course, and now it's the turn of the males. The bad news regarding disrupted sleep, Robert E. Lee's namesake university has to ditch its Confederate flag.