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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 9 July 2014

1:10 Best song ever written
Happy by Pharrell Williams Chosen by Raz Zulfiqar of Nelson

1:20 Music Trivia game
What do these songs have in common?
Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves by The Eurythmics (Featuring Aretha Franklin)
A Hundred And Ten In The Shade by John Fogerty

2:10 Django rescue
The wild storm which has been lashing the far North, Northland and Auckland has seen the Navy carry out a dramatic rescue of three people onboard a stricken yacht. The crew of the 11 metre yacht Django put out a mayday call last night, when their boat  was damaged in heavy seas off North Cape. They were on a return trip from Fiji. HMNZS Otago was sent to pick up the crew - two men and a woman - and it was a very hairy rescue.

2:20 World Cup woes  
If the All Blacks were hammered 50 nil by South Africa in the semi final of the World Cup, how might we feel? In Brazil today, where the passion for football may well run deeper than our love of rugby, a state of calamity has unfolded. The home team was humiliated by Germany in the semi finals 7-1. Brazilians here had to suffer from afar, including their ambassador, Eduardo Graduloni, who watched in Wellington with his German counterpart!

2:30 NZ Reading
Pip's favourite teacher has got him wanting to be a good  juggler. At home, his success-driven father is concerned that 18 month-old-Madeline hasn't started to walk yet. But all that becomes secondary when Pip discovers something new - the urge to climb - as you'll hear  in today's episode of 'Juggling with Mandarins'.

2:45 Feature album
Rooty (2001) by Basement Jaxx

3:10 Online
Hamish McEwan with the latest from Net Hui 2014; new weather forecasting technology; Netflix in NZ; the remote control contraception and NASA equips space robots with smartphones.

3:30 Mayoral Daimler
To Christchurch, where the city's Mayoral Daimler is down the road. The historic limousine which has carried such distinguished passengers as the Queen and Princess Diana will be sold this Friday. Katy Gosset takes a last look at a piece of the city's history

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Zoe George
What The World's Talking About: 7-1. "If Brazil were a horse, you'd throw a blanket over them, erect the green screens and do the humane thing", said the sportswriter for the Guardian. Too harsh probably, as a nation laments. The rival waterway to the Panama Canal gets the go-ahead. This is a stupendous project. Chile makes an official announcement about a UFO. The new line in distressed jeans, and you can't get more extreme distress than this. Rebuttal of the hypothesis that red-haired people will flame out of existence as the world warms. Madonna reports for jury service and the high-tech solution for migraines.