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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 26 June 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written - Jan Ludemann of Te Anau nominated 'You Raise Me Up' by Josh Groban

1:20  Our New Zealand A to Z takes us to Raglan - the beachside town which is celebrating Matariki tomorrow night. Tour guides: Sean Ellison, Pat Day and Rodger Gallagher.

2:10  Big Day Out - Duncan Grieve: It was announced this morning that the Big Day Out festival won't be returning to New Zealand's shores in 2015. The annual festival had been sold to an American-based company called C3 Presents, and that company has now has axed all shows in Australia and New Zealand. Freelance writer and music critic Duncan Greive says the festival has provided him with some of his best musical memories.

2:20  Comic Wrestler - Michel Mulipola: He's a comic book artist and a professional wrestler... and his new graphic novel, Headlocked, is just about to be launched in San Diego.
New Zealand born Samoan, Michel Mulipola has dreamt of illustrating comic books since he was five-years-old. He's just finished drawing his one hundred and fifthteenth page for the new U.S pro wrestling comic book.

2:30  NZ Reading: Our reading of "Embracing the Dragon" by Polly Greeks continues today. It is the story of her trek along the Great Wall of China with Nathan Gray, a journey that included many of its most remote and dangerous sections.
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Miao Xiaoyun:   Memory of  Yun-nan, 1st movement (Liu Xing)  PLUS Miao Xiaoyun: Sound from Afar ( Chen Wenjie) BOTH  from the album "The Art of the Chinese Lute" EUCD 1864 ARC
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BOOK:  Embracing the Dragon: A Woman's Journey Along the Great Wall of China by  Polly Greeks Pub: Awa Press  ISBN-978-0958262958

2:45  Feature Album -  Seventh Sojourn - The Moody Blues (1972)
3:10  Mysterious Russian - Moura Budberg - Was she a spy?The story of the aristocrat love (ex Costar 8'19) - Louise Hidalgo from the BBC history programme 'Witness'
Among the mourners at the funeral of the great Soviet writer, Maxim Gorky, in 1936 was a mysterious baroness. Moura Budberg had been Gorky's lover and, before that, the lover of a British secret agent who'd been thrown into a Soviet jail. Her extraordinary life led some to call her the Russian Mata Hari. But was she really a spy?

3:20 Bryde's Whales in the Hauraki Gulf - Alison Ballance: The Hauraki Gulf is home to a small resident population of Bryde's whales. It's also home to New Zealand's busiest container port. And, since 1996, an average of two whales per year have been killed by ship-strike. University of Auckland scientist Rochelle Constantine has been working with Ports of Auckland to find a 'fix' for the problem, and the result is a voluntary transit protocol that asks commercial ships to slow down on their way through the Gulf.

3:30  The Beatles NZ Tour 1964 - Wayne Mowat: We relive the Beatles stopover in Dunedin on the 1964 NZ tour - where they played 2 concerts before heading to Christchurch.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Julie Moffett today with What The World's Talking About: A record sale price for a famous Bob Dylan lyric, the Luis Soares photoshop defence, and BTW the New Statesman newspaper has worked out that you are more likely to be bitten by Suarez (a 1 in 2,000 chance) than by a shark - a 1 in 3,700,000 chance. That of course is people who play in relevant football games versus people who swim in the sea. The value of broccoli for people with asthma, older mothers longer-lived, how Google re-writes the maps of the world depending on who's Googling, and China has a new official map out by the way, in which it has re-orientated the country for political reasons.