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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 24 April 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Juliet Crew of Christchurch nominated 'Sensitive to a Smile' by Herbs

1:25 Your Place - Kaikoura

2:10 The WW2 Dutch Barrel Organ - Wilhelmus Beetz: From playing a barrel organ in a Dutch cafe while avoiding the Nazis during World War Two, to building one of his very own in Eketahuna. Wilhelmus Beetz's love affair with the Dutch barrel organ began nearly seventy years as a young boy living under German occupation.
Today he is living in Eketahuna and has finished doing up his very own Dutch barrel organ, which is nearly 100 years old.

2:20  Rarest Kiwi - Alison Ballance: Okarito rowi are New Zealand's rarest kiwi, and chicks that hatch in the wild have a 95% chance of being killed by a stoat. To avoid this grisly death every rowi egg is 'rescued' from the wild and safely hatched in captivity. Alison Ballance joins Department of Conservation staff in a forest near Franz Josef for an unexpected egg rescue, and follows the egg to an incubator at the West Coast Wildlife Centre.
Operation Nest Egg and Kiwis for Kiwis

2:30 Reading - Ken Blackburn reads  'Brotherly Love'  - a short story by Murray Richards.
EMI 7213 831271 22   Larry Adler - The mouth organ virtuoso trk 12 Melancholy Baby (Burnett)

2:45 Feature Album - Quadrophenia - The Who

3:10 One Stop Shop:  For Anzac weekend, a recipe from former Masterchef winner Nadia Lim, Belinda Jackson's wine suggestions, and Sarah McMullan reviews 'The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise of Electro 3D' .. the Nigerian drama,  'Half of the Yellow Sun' and the Japanese animated historical drama 'The Wind Rises'

Food  - Nadia Lim
Instant Feijoa Ice-cream

Wine - Yvonne Lorkin - The Picks
Jacob's Creek White Blend $13
Charles Wiffen Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2010 $19.50
Coopers Creek Saint John Hawke's Bay Malbec 2011 $26

Movies -Sarah McMullan

3.40 The Tough Mudder - Jeremy Kann.
Sprinting through live wires, plunging into freezing water, and crawling through trenches...
The Tough Mudder challenge began in the United States about four years ago and now lands in Auckland this weekend. It's an endurance event, with 18 obstacles over 20 kilometres.. and the organisers say more importance is given to teamwork than time or placings.

4:06  Bernard Hickey and Steve McCabe are on The Panel today: The hike in the OCR, did we need it? As we contemplate higher mortgage rates the big Luxembourg Income Study has interesting revelations about how the middle classes,but especially the poor of the western world are being dealt to by income inequality now, and that's especially true of the United States. Canada seems to be the country to migrate to at the moment. A comparison between Nigella Lawson and Snoop Lion the rapper regarding entry to NZ. Our changed attitude towards Anzac Day, and dogs at work.