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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 23 April 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Steve Wilkes of Blenheim has nominated 'Jersey Girl' by Bruce Springsteen. 

1:25 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:    Aretha Franklin
TITLE:      Freeway of Love
COMP:    Jeffrey Cohen, Narada Michael Walden
ALBUM:   Soulful Ladies  
LABEL:    Hip-O 440015

ARTIST:   Lady GaGa
TITLE:     Edge of Glory
COMP:    Stefani Germanotta, Fernando Garibay, Paul Blair
ALBUM:   Now That's What I Call Music 39  
LABEL:    EMI 575325

ARTIST:    Bruce Springsteen
TITLE:       Born To Run
COMP:     Bruce Springsteen
ALBUM:    Born To Run  
LABEL:    CBS 180959

The link: The same man played saxophone on all the tracks, Clarence Clemons.

ARTIST:    Gerry Rafferty
TITLE:       Baker Street
COMP:     Gerry Rafferty
ALBUM:   Yesterdays: Songs From The Heart
LABEL:    Universal 271551

ARTIST:    Al Stewart
TITLE:      Year of The Cat
COMP:     Al Stewart, Peter Wood
ALBUM:   Instant Party  
LABEL:    Rhino 276736

ARTIST:   Sade
TITLE:      Smooth Operator
COMP:    Sade Adu, Ray St. John
ALBUM:   Sade; The Ultimate Collection  
LABEL:    Sony 789938

ARTIST:    Lou Reed
TITLE:      Walk On The Wild Side
COMP:    Lou Reed
ALBUM:   The Very Best of Lou Reed
LABEL:    BMG 166046


2:10 The Toy Soldiers Business - Ian Farley: It seems the toy soldiers business is headed for a boom as the Gallipoli cententary approaches. Two brothers in the Wairarapa - who specialise in a rather rare trade - have been hard at work, crafting a unique collectors item next year's 100th.

2:20  The First Polio Vaccine - Louise Hidalgo of BBC 'Witness' 
In April 1955, American scientists announced they had discovered an effective vaccine against polio.  It would save millions of children from disability and death. The doctor who led the research was Jonas Salk. Hear from his son Peter and a nurse who worked with him.
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2:30 Reading - Part two of Linda Niccol's two part story Tatiana.

2:45 Feature Album - 'Ram' - Paul and Linda McCartney (1971)

3:10 Digital Life -  Dr Jules Older

3:30 The Flying Camera - Lynda Chanwai-Earle:  He's a dare-devil Director of Photography with a long career in our film-making industry. Simon Baumfield is also becoming an urban legend with his camera drones that can film in extraordinary situations. Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets Simon and checks out his latest "flying camera" inventions.
New Zealand Society

3:45 Panel Pre-Show - Chris Gilbert

4:06 The Panel - Ellen Read and Raybon Kan.