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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 12 March 2014

1:06   Jim Intro

1:10   Best Song Ever Written - Daughter by Peter Blegvad chosen by Dave Owens of New Plymouth

1:20   Link 3 - our weekly music game. We play three songs with a certain similarity. Today's Link3 was that all the songs stop.

ARTIST:    Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
TITLE:        A Taste of Honey
COMP:    Robert William Scott, Ric marlow
ALBUM:    Definitive Hits
LABEL:    A & M  490 886

ARTIST:    Whitney Houston
TITLE:        I Will Always Love You
COMP:    Dolly Parton
DUR:        4' 20
ALBUM:    The Ultimate Collection
LABEL:    Arista  717701

ARTIST:    The Mamas & The Papas
TITLE:        Monday, Monday
COMP:    John Phillips
DUR:        3' 15"
ALBUM:    The Best of The Mamas & The Papas
LABEL:    MCA 119519

TITLE:        One Tree Hill
COMP:    Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jnr, David Evans, Paul Hewson
DUR:        5' 20"
ALBUM:    The Jushua Tree
LABEL:    Island 842298

2:00  NEWS

2:06  Coming up
2:10  Eruption machine - Professor Shane Cronin -  In the old boiler room at Massey University in Palmerston North...  the Tower of Doom waits to errupt. It's a nearly 16 metre tall machine created by the Volcanic Risk Solutions team to simulate erruptions. It's one of the first research projects of its kind in the world. Professor Shane Cronin and his team use tonnes of volcanic material collected from an eruption at Lake Taupo 2000 years ago for their experiments. With the data they collect from the Tower of Doom, they hope to create more accurate models to predict where dangerous debris will end up after an erruption, and to answer some of the mysteries about how ash and can travel so far so fast.

The link:

2:20  Embroiderer to the stars - Jenny Adin Christie -  Jenny Adin Christie's job has sometimes required her to work in total secrecy for celebrity clients and it has taken her all over the world. Jenny is an Embroiderer. She was part of a team of  specialist embroiderers who worked on the intricate lacework on Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Jenny Adin Christie's talents have attracted the attention of Sir Paul McCartney and the  Queen Mother...  her needle work has  taken her to  Australia, France and now she's in New Zealand as part of the 30th anniversary of the Wanaka Embroidery School.

The link:

2:30  NZ Reading  
In Archibald Baxter's personal story  'We Will Not Cease'  the conscientious objector  has been taken to the Terrace Jail in Wellington to serve a sentence of eighty-four days hard labour - and even in the harsh environment, he finds some compassion

2:45  Feature Album -  Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney and Wings (1973)
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3:06  Coming up
3:10  Virtual World - Jules Older - Jules Older updates us on the Google Glass, said to be the eyewear of the future of course, but he'll be reporting on what he calls SHATTERED GLASS, how you can get into trouble with these devices on your head. He's got important consumer alerts too, for PC and Apple users.

3:30  'Kumutoto Stream' - Lynda Chanwai Earle -Below the footpaths in the heart of Wellington's busiest streets an ancient stream still bubbles under the surface. Once a sacred Pa site, the Kumototo is now relegated to a concrete commuters pipe, but not for long.  Lynda Chanwai Earle meets artist Kedron Parker to find out how she's bringing back nature to stressed-out office workers in the CBD.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Susan Baldacci

4:00  News

4:06  The Panel -  Ali Jones is on The Panel today with Gordon McLauchlan:
Judith Collins fesses up extra information about what she did in China; a chat about a new flag and the psychology of it being an issue in election year; being called a mollyhawk - how serious is that, do you think? Auckland's debt, the extra ways they want us to pay for being inhabitants of cities now, and prioritising what we want to pay for in the wake of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter having its financial wings clipped. If we have time, ubiquitous surveillance by internet - not a new fear, but the inevitable future really, and the changes to the way we live as a result.