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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 5 March 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Amanda Milne of Auckland nominated 'Visions of Johanna' by Bob Dylan

1:25 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:    Lulu
TITLE:        The Man Who Sold The World
COMP:    David Bowie
ALBUM:    The Best of Lulu:  From Crayons to Perfume
LABEL:    Rhino 271815

ARTIST:    Sheena Easton
TITLE:        For Your Eyes Only
COMP:    Bill Conti, Mick Leeson
ALBUM:    Sheena Easton: The Collection  
LABEL:    EMI 671461

ARTIST:    KT Tunstall
TITLE:        Suddenly I See
COMP:    KT Tunstall
ALBUM:    Eye To The Telescope
LABEL:    Relentless  860246    

ARTIST:    The Eurythmics
TITLE:        Love Is A Stranger
COMP:    Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart
ALBUM:    Eurythmics: Ultimate Collection
LABEL:    Sony 748412

ARTIST:    Jethro Tull
TITLE:        Living In The Past
COMP:    Ian Anderson
ALBUM:    Living In The Past
LABEL:    Chrysalis 321575

ARTIST:    Rod Stewart
TITLE:        Sailing
COMP:    Gavin Sutherland
ALBUM:    Rod Stewart: Greatest Hits  
LABEL:    Warner 256744

ARTIST:    The Proclaimers
TITLE:        I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
COMP:    Craig Reid, Charlie Reid
ALBUM:    The Best of The Proclaimers
LABEL:    Persevere  391238

The answer: The singers are all Scottish.

2:10 The Ukraine Crisis - Sergie Khruschev - The world is watching events unfolding in a beautiful peninsula on the Black Sea, with rugged mountains and pebbly sandy beaches, a popular tourist destination called Crimea.  It's a semi autonomous region of  the Ukraine, but on Saturday  Russian President, Vladimr Putin sent  troops to the region and warning shots have been fired at Ukrainian soldiers. US Secretary John Kerry is meeting with Kiev's fledging government as everyone seeks ways to resolve the crisis.
Few are watching with as much interest as Sergei Khruschev, the son of the late Premiere Nikita Khruschev.  His father was resonsible for making the Crimea part of the Ukraine in 1954...  Sergie Khruschev  is now Senior Fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

2:20 The Christchurch Floods - Andrea Cummings - First came the gale force winds, then the rain and flooding  and now the despair all over Christchurch, with residents having to cope with this one in 100 year storm. Schools are closed, roads are like rivers in some areas, more than 4000 homes and businesses still without power, some of them until tomorrow.
Andrea Cummings' home in Burwood has become a bit of an unoffical welfare centre. Andrea has an elderly neighbor whose red zoned house was surrounded by waist deep water, but with the help of the local fire brigade, she was able to get her neighbour out of her home and to safety. Andrea cummings is the chairwoman of the Burwood Pegasus Community Board.

2:30 Reading - The New Brighton Pier opened in 1894.  But by the time Bruce Anlsey hooked his first fish from it and  haunted its Penny arcade more than 70 years later, it was in decay.  In today's extract of his memoir  'Gods and Little Fishes',  Bruce recalls the thrills, the scandals, the fun, and ultimately the demolition.of the New Brighton Pier.
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Rocking 1950s#2 by Ole Georg BMI, tk 21 The Special Line The Professional disc 1
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BOOK: Gods And Little Fishes: A Boy And A Beach by Bruce Ansley Pub: Longacre (6 Nov 2009) ISBN-978-1877460418

2:45 Feature Album - Walls and Bridges - John Lennon's 5th album, released 40 year ago (1974).

3:10 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

1. "Inside The Facebook-WhatsApp Megadeal: The Courtship, The Secret Meetings, The $19 Billion Poker Game"

2. "Basis [makes wristwatch health trackers] Goes To Intel For Around $100M"

3. "Facebook in talks to buy Titan Aerospace for $60M, plans to use solar drone tech for providing internet access"

3:30 Kiwibot Vid - David Steemson - Five hundred young robot builders from throughout New Zealand have just spent three days doing battle in the National Robot Championships or "Kiwibots" as they're called. This year the event's been immortalised in a three minute video created by a group of South Auckland youngsters.

New Zealand Society

4:06 Gary McCormick is on the Panel with Chris Wikaira today:  The flooding in Christchurch updated, on-the-job training for teachers, more on David Cunliffe's trust; insurers in Britain not paying out after their floods if a rising water table is to blame, that situation has been called preposterous in the House of Lords, and that ties in to some extent with the Christchurch situation too. The English media are reporting the Maori King deciding not to meet the young Royals, and mutterings about insider trading on our sharemarket.