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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 4 March 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Maureen O'Connell of Wairau Valley nominated 'Welcome to my World' by Jim Reeves

1:25 Critical Mass

TV - Sarah McMullan
The Great Food Race
TV3 - Sunday Nights - 7pm

Air Carsh Investigation - Deadly Test - National Geographic - on rotation this week

Books - Nicky Pelligrino - Terms And Conditions  -  Robert Glancey

Music - Nick Atkinson - songs:

ARTIST:    Osaka Monaurail
TITLE:        Endemism      
COMP:     Ryo Nakata
EDIT:        Fade under 2' 00"
ALBUM:     State Of The World
LABEL:     Unique/Southbound


ARTIST:    Clap Clap Riot

TITLE:     Ask My Girl
COMP:     Clap Clap Riot
ALBUM:     Nobody/Everybody
LABEL:     Clap Clap Records

Web - Ele Ludemann

Famous authors made it okay to commit grammar no-nos:  

2:10  The Solo Yachtie -  Kevin Le Poidevin - For over forty years the solo trans tasman yacht challenge has been a magnet for adventurers. It's a particularly challenging race.. for the Tasman sea is one of the more difficult seas in the world to navigate.. especially if you're going it alone. Kevin De Poidevin has just arrived in New Plymouth from Australia.. having sailed his single mast cruise here in order to be ready for the challenge which takes place next month. The trip across took him nine days and it was second-time lucky for the sailor - after an earlier attempt in January wasn't too successful.

2:20 The Yoga Chef - Faye Winmill - You often hear it said... but in this case it's true...Dunedin woman Faye Winmill has packed more into her thirty two years than most people do in a lifetime.
In her late teens she travelled to Australia to explore that country until she ran out of money... Then she trained as a chef in her early twenties, before she left for Europe where she walked solo from Paris to Spain.. She's travelled the world aboard luxury yachts. peeling and de-seeding grapes for fussy captains..and she's even cooked for director Steven Speilberg on his luxury boat.
And while it may all sound very glamorous...Faye was always looking for something else... and after spending six months in Costa Rica... she finally came home to Dunedin where she's opened her own Yoga studio.. which she says is a dream come true.

2:30 Reading - In today's extract from his childhood memoir, Bruce Anlsey paints a picture of his family, its  battles with depression and money, and the peace and companionship of New Brighton. That's in part 2 of Gods and Little Fishes at half past two.
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Rocking 1950s#2 by Ole Georg BMI, tk 21 The Special Line The Professional disc 1
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BOOK: Gods And Little Fishes: A Boy And A Beach by Bruce Ansley Pub: Longacre (6 Nov 2009) ISBN-978-1877460418

2:45 Feature Album - 'Definitely Maybe' - Oasis

3:10  Feature Author - How Dogs Love Us: Gregory Berns
Neuroscientist, Gregory Berns, was lead researcher in the MRI-based Dog Project at Emory University, Atlanta - and the findings have convinced him that dogs are people too and deserving of more rights than society gives them

3:30 Conservation meets Technology - Veronika Meduna - Project Janszoon, a privately funded trust that works to restore the ecology of the Abel Tasman National Park, has installed wi-fi hotspots throughout the park as part of a virtual visitor's centre. Veronika Meduna meets the team to explore how it could be used to create a better visitor experience and to monitor wildlife.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 Panel Pre-Show with Zara Potts

4:06 Graham Bell and Josie Pagani are on The Panel today: The Ukraine, again. The Maori king turns down the offer of a royal visit because 90 minutes isn't enough protocol time, Jared Leto's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, widely derided, but what's wrong with using yourself for inspiration? David Cunliffe's donations, and the Pistorius Trial.