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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 26 February 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Roger North of Wanaka nominated 'One Day I'll Fly Away'  by Randy Crawford

1:25 Link 3 music game - the songs:

Whip It - Devo
Walk Like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
Tally Ho - The Clean
Answer: the are all bands of brothers and/or sisters
The National, "Slow Show"
Give It A Whirl - Split Enz
Calling Occupants - The Carpenters
God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
More Than a Woman - The Bee Gees

2:10   NZ 75 Squadron - Simon Sommerville - When Robert Douglas 'Jock' Sommerville from the 75 NZ Squadron RAF died a few years ago, his son Simon was left with his Dad's logbook, medals, his whistle and a lot of questions about his father's life during the Second World War. Like so many men of that era, Bob Sommerville didn't talk about the war. So Simon set out to find out more about his Dad's role in the War and the men he flew with.
More than one thousand members of the 75 NZ Squadron lost their lives during the war. Simon has set up a website dedicated to finding out more about the men and their missions.

The link: 75 NZ Squadron

2.20 Message in a Bottle - Stan White - A remarkable story about connections made between New Zealand and England after the war that has just been renewed.  Seventy years ago, when Stan White was a young lad of 17 working at the Mataura Freezing works, he included a little something extra on the billies of lamb livers sent to butcher shops in England. On top of the billies, he included his name and address in hopes that someone might find his surprise message and write back. 10 did.
For five years, he maintained correspondence with a sanitary inspector in Essex, England named Aubrey Ledden.  This week, it was Stan's turn for a surprise when Aubrey's son contacted him and came to see Stan and his wife this week in Mataura.  
The link: Letter to Stanley White

2:30 Reading - Things come to a rather nasty head in at a restaurant in Auxerre for Peta Mathias in today's final extract from 'Fête Accomplie'  her autobiographical romp through France.
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The Jean-Pierre-Bernac Musette Ensemble: 'C'est Si Bon' from the album Bon Voyage - France/Holiday in France  [CDM 4001]  Dur:0:45
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Book: Fête Accomplie by Peta Mathias Pub:  Random House (31 Jul 1995) ISBN-978-1869412487

2:45 Feature album - Breezin' - George Benson   (1976)

3:10 Virtual World - Dr Jules Older

Digital Age Fight
Another Digital Age Fight
World's Worst Song
Short videos kids love

A library without books
Science can help you write that best-seller. Right.

3:30 Leading Edge - Amelia Nurse: Amelia Nurse visits an exhibition on at the National Library in Wellington and Auckland. It's called the Leading Edge and it's on innovation  in NZ - past and present. Curator and designer Liane  McGee talks her through some of the highlights, including a street light system run by chickens.

The link: New Zealand Society

4:06 The Panel - Jeremy Elwood and Scott Yorke.